Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas at Mimi & Pop's

We always have Christmas on December 23rd at my mom & dad's. We decided after a couple of years of running around like crazy people on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...something's gotta give!!! My mom decided that the 23rd would be their day. We can enjoy our time and not always be watching the clock to scoot on out for our next appointment. I know most of you can relate to this!

This year my mom was running a little behind....we helped with the tree decorating when we arrived!

We enjoyed a delicious homemade lasagna for dinner and, then, on to the gifts!

But first, Granny reads the Christmas story "A Glorious Angel Show".

Michael and I became a little more high tech - we LOVE our GPS! :) Although, we always seem to have a difference of never wants to go OUR way!! We named her Gypsy - the kids always want to have her on and talking when we're in the car.

Ella Kate got a make up kit with lots of lip gloss and nail polish. I think she painted and repainted her nails about 15 times in one night!

Thanks Mimi & Pop for the drums!! Just what daddy and & I wanted!!

Granny & Papa got a singing reindeer. I think they liked it's song, "Grandma got run over by a reindeer...". ;)

Wow! A new Spiderman costume!! Great timing since his old one has about bit the dust from wearing it all day and sleeping in it too, not to mention it's waaaay too tight!

Ella Kate got Diamond Castle Barbie!

What a sweet, excited look! He got a handheld football game.
Family photo at the Neal's Christmas
One more gift I have to mention is the DVD my sister, brother, and myself got. It's "One Magic Christmas". It's been my favorite Christmas movie since I was little and I've convinced them that they love it too! :) My only copy was a VHS so we all got new DVD's this year!

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