Monday, December 15, 2008

Candy Parade

Oops, I meant the Woodruff Parade. :) But it could be called the Candy Parade....everyone walks away with a bag load and I am NOT exaggerating! I do think they throw it all at the beginning so by the end they're completely out. I've even been featured on the front page of the Woodruff News with my hind-end in the air grabbing candy from the road! Now that's flattering.

The Harrisons ventured out to the big city this year, and we made another Christmas memory. I think the Harrisons are our official parade following buddies. They appreciate good, FREE entertainment as much as we do!

It was pretty stinkin' chilly today (as Ms. Leigh would say). :)

Gotta love those Shriners!
This is Ella Kate's dancing float. I opted not to let her ride for fear of ending up halfway through with a very unhappy 3 year old! This is her teacher, Ms. Marie (in the blue with white hat). She's not angry like she appears though! She's really very sweet! ;)

Everyone goes for the candy in this little town!

Braeden and Jake had to be reminded that they were going to be run over by floats if they didn't get out of the way!! At one point, Jake ran to the opposite side of the road in search of good candy!
"Look Mom! They got that one from New York City!" Jake believes they might have cut it down to bring it here. :)
Complete with those famous Statue of Liberty hats.


Stacy C. said...

Wow that got all the way from New York! My nieces were in the parade but we didn't get to go. We had to be back at church at 4:45 and I wasn't sure if we would have made it. Our little parade here in Boiling Springs lasted a hour and a half!

snookmama said...

Ella loves the camera and the camera loves Ella!

Jennifer said...

2 things...
1. Wear is the pic of your hind in on the front page??
2. How did they get my

Seriously, looks like y'all a ball and the kids all of them of course are cute as always...