Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bobby's Christmas Program

Tonight, my brother had his first Christmas program in a while - maybe since he was little? He is in the chorus at Southside Christian School and the band, handbells, and chorus had their concert tonight. I was very excited to go see him!!

Luckily, Bobby's group was the second group to perform. The kids were not exactly model children tonight.... We took animal crackers to entertain but instead they created a loud, continuous argument over who was getting more. We had an open aisle in front of us, and Ella Kate insisted on prancing around everywhere throughout the show. Sheesh! After his songs, we gave up.

Bobby also received his high school ring this week. I admit I had tears in my eyes when my mom told me and then when I saw it. When did he get so big?? And I know this is exactly how I'll feel with Jake and Ella - they'll be this size before I know it!

I was 13 when Bobby was born and I have nothing but good memories of him. He was the best child! And he's such a good young man! He has the kindest demeanor - always cheerful and nice to everyone. I will be so sad when he goes off to college. But despite my sadness, I'm really trying to encourage him to go away to school. It's one of my regrets and it's something you can never do over!
My baby brother

They got tickled because his friends were teasing him about his picture with mom!
(and my dad had to be out of town this week)


Stacy C. said...

Well at least they made it through to see Bobby.

I know how you feel about them growing up. Kain will be 10. He only has 8 more years before he'll go to college :(

Summer Martin said...

I can't believe how tall your brother is. Who does he get that from? I am glad that your kids made it.

Jennifer said...

You have a beautiful family... I know he is extermly proud to call you his big sis.... I don't want to even think about kids getting big.. Ryan only has 2 more yrs... ahhh...

LifeAtTheCircus said...

I think it is great that you and your little bro are so close despite the age gap. You have one of the most photogenic families I have seen. You always have such adorable pictures!!

MD said...

oh my gosh!!!! Rhonda when did we get so oooolllllddddd????? I can only imagine how you feel - i had my own wet eyes while reading this... he was the whole group's little brother. Where did the years go? i'm in charleston this weekend and i'm walking around in this college town kicking myself for not doing exactly what you mentioned.... but then i can only think that sarah wouldnt be with me today if i had chosen another road. In the end i'm proud of all of us.... and i feel VERY OLD ;o)