Saturday, November 01, 2008


We did more Halloween-ing this year than we have ever done before - or so it seems!

It has been an week long celebration.

The kids had their Halloween parties at school on Thursday and got to wear their costumes. Ella Kate decided at the last minute that she wanted to be a princess instead of a cat (original plan). I don't feel so bad after reading several other blogs where other moms made last minute switches too! I was afraid that I would insist she be a cat and she would get to school and all the other little girls would be princesses. She would be heart-broken! So, I let her be a princess at school if she promised to be a cat for Trick-or-Treating. She obliged thank goodness!!

School Costume
Ella Kate and Ms. Misty

Jake and Hannah Montana...oops, I meant Ms. Leigh

Jake and Ms. Sophie

Jake and Ms. Barbara

Jake, Ella Kate, and Olivia

Okay, this is where I tell you that I was a good mother and bought my sweet dears cute little Halloween shirts for the occasion. And this is also where I tell you that I forgot to put them on them! How insane is that?! And I didn't even realize it until we got to school and I saw someone else in their Halloween shirt. Oops!! They did wear them the weekend before Halloween thank least we got one wear out of them! :)

Halloween night we made our rounds at all the grandmas, papas, aunts and uncles. We especially like visiting Granny and Papa Neal who remember the adults too....she always has dessert for us! It's nice to stop and visit while we enjoy our Halloween candy!

Iron-Man and the kitty cat

With Nana
(who, by the way, retired today from Cryovac! Congratulations Nana!!)

The rare photo with mom

After family visits, Michael headed to the last regular season football game at Woodruff and the kids and I were off to Trunk or Treat at church. Lots of cute costumes there and waaaay too much candy!!

Tommy and Cody the penguin :)

The kids in line with their pumpkin flashlights -thanks Mimi! - they were perfect for showing each "trunk" where their bag was! :)

I think it's safe to say that we have WAY too much candy at our house now! If we ration a piece per day, it will surely last us until next Halloween!


Stacy said...

The kids got so much candy from church we didn't go anywhere else.

You got your Halloween post done before! said...

They look adorable! We too have WAY, WAY, WAY too much candy in our house too!!

MD said...

absolutely adorable outfits!