Friday, October 17, 2008

What Did They Do at School?

You can click on any of these pictures and it will make them larger and easier to read.

Doesn't she look kind of like an alien to you? :)

(As she reminds us often, "I'm still a baby!" I guess growing up to her means finally being a "little girl"!)

Great reason Ella Kate. :) That's a woman's perogative! Oh, and let's just pray she continues with this dream. I think Dr. Kameron had something to do with it!!
( This is our friend Dr Kameron at their Community Helpers Week last week. I think it was great that the kids were able to see a "lady" doctor!)

Okay, look at this one closely....check out the circles on our lips - that would be our teeth. Next notice that Daddy and Mommy wear rings (that's always a good thing!). Oh, and I just love how his teacher, Ms. Leigh, obviously writes down exactly the things they tell her. It's always cute to hear their version!!
So, anyway, we have a dog in our family picture, a jellyfish, and a spider (because Brycen put one in his of course!).

Just thought I'd share a little of what they have done at school. These are some of my favorites and I'll add them to my special little box!

A BIG thank you to their wonderful teachers....Ms. Leigh and Ms. Misty!!
They do an awesome job and my kids ADORE both of them!!


Jennifer said...

That is to cute....

Kim said...

Those are awesome! I like how you're the only colorful one in your family... and whats the dots leading up to the dog??

jkstrib said...

That special little box will be very special to her one day! Too cute. My most favorite card from a child read "Happy Bufday"!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely precious!!! I remember doing books like that with my kids in kindergarten and they were so sweet!!!She will love looking at it one day- my girls LOVE looking at their stuff.