Sunday, October 26, 2008

We've Got It

The bug that is.

Jake woke up in the middle of the night throwing up and continued until around lunchtime today. He's been okay since then but still running a fever. Guess there will be no school for us tomorrow!

It seems like everyone at church and school has had this lately so I guess it was our turn.

We have gotten out of practice lately. Some of you know that for the first 2-3 years of Jake's life, he seemed to catch a violent stomach virus every 3 weeks. It was terrible! He would throw up until his little eyes were sunk back into his head and he couldn't even move. We eventually found out through some trial and error that it was very bad reflux causing this to happen.

We became very good at strategically placing him so that towels caught all the throw-up and then switching them out every time it came. Whew - am I glad those days are done!

So, today I have spent all day cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. You know how it is. When the babies are sick, you spend all day trying to eliminate all the germs from the house so that the others of you might not get sick!

Boy do you find out how dirty your house really is when you're deep cleaning everything!!! And the legs of your kitchen chairs....sheesh!! They get filthy!!

Anyway, we now have a germ-free house (other than the 4 ft sweetie laying in the germ infested bed!). And we're all just biding our time to see who the next victim might be.

Oh, and another big help when you're spending all your time cleaning....lunch from Nana!! Thanks Dianne, it was wonderful!! Michael almost missed lunch at his mom's which would have made him very, very sad. But thankfully, he went over and brought our lunch home to enjoy!
I'm making a mental note (not that I will remember this - that's why I blog!) that when I'm older with grandbabies of my own, and they get sick....take them food!!! It makes mom very happy!! :)


Stacy said...

Awww poor Jake! Hope no one else catches it.

Summer Laney said...

I so so sorry Jake is sick. Hope he feels better soon. I think we are on the up side of our bug...Keep ing my fingers crossed.

Summer Martin said...

Poor Jake looks pitefull. I hope he feels better soon. I hope that the bug stays away from our house!! Heres to praying:)

jkstrib said...

Hope you feel better, Jake and that you don't share with anyone! :)

Jo Ellen said...

Hope you are on the road to recovery!

Jennifer said...

Poor little Jake, I that he is not feeling good. I hope that it stays away from the rest of you.. said...

Awwwh!! Your poor little man. I truly hope he is better soon and that the rest of you can stay healthy. Hopefully when he is done puking, you can have some snuggle time...that is the ONLY good thing about having a sick kiddo!