Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My DP Addiction

I have a serious addiction.

My love of Dr Pepper runs deep.

Very, very deep.

It's been a longstanding affair.....probably 20 years worth.

I'm sure my mom wasn't one of those moms that let us drink soda when we were young, so I'm guessing around 10 years old I wandered out into the world and discovered DP.

Especially since she didn't like it herself.

Man it's good.

I only remember one time loving a drink more than I loved DP.

It was after 21 hours of labor with my dear firstborn.

My only request at the end was Sprite. Why Sprite?

Maybe that's all they had.

Who knows.

I drank about 5 of them. Literally.

As soon as my dear son came out, I had my husband fetching all the hard, cold Sprite he could find.

They were cleaning out fridges on every floor.

What good memories...

Anyway, back to the DP.

I have gotten into the extremely unhealthy habit of consuming numerous DPs (and by numerous I mean multiple, go large size, styrofoam cups).....all in one day!!

Yeah, thousands of calories I'm sure. Not to mention the caffeine and whatever else is in those things.

But, wow, they're good.

So, I have made an effort lately to only drink DP when eating out at a restaurant.

And since we have recently cut eating out to slim-to-none, it's causing me to cut down on my DP drastically.

That wasn't the plan. I was going to slack off a little. This is a HUGE deal.

So far it's okay. I'm very tired on most days and it's probably because I was burning caffeine like those trucks burn diesel fuel....like a maniac!

And I do appreciate it better when I go out to eat occasionally and have a nice cold glass.

So, to my dear friends, help this 10 stepper and do not mention the words dp for a few weeks. At least until I get this monster under control. :)


Summer Martin said...

Girl, you are trying to give up to much too fast. First eating out which is a huge deal in itself and now DP. Come on now give yourself a break. What are you drinking instead? Jamie asked if you were having a midlife crisis!!

Alison said...

I completely understand! I use to drink about 5 DP's a day and when we found out we were having a baby, Patrick made me stop cold turkey! It was SO HARD! Now when I do have a little sip of DP I don't really like it anymore. :) Good luck!

Summer Laney said...

WHAT US WRONG WITH YOU!!! Are you really trying to kill yourself!! I mean really...DP. I can't imagine. I did it for 9 months when I was pregnant with B and I don't think that will EVER happen again(because it didn't when I was pregnant with Addie!) Good Luck...I will try my best!!

Anonymous said...

It is so crazy that you would post about this- I am trying to cut back on my numerous diet cokes each day. I will be thinking of you and you think of me- we can beat this thing!!!

Jennifer said...

To funny you posted this today I am drinking a diet DP instead of my water today.. I was the same way w/ diet coke and then I heard how bad they were for you so I have traded them in for water instead... Not the same but now sometimes when I drink these drinks they are real hard tasting and make me feel bad... You will do good, but I would gradually cut them down.. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

Girlie. I totally understand. I have a Coke addiction... as in Coca Cola, not the illegal kind. I too wrote a whole post on the addiction. Check it out if you wanna see that you are not alone.


Stacy said...

If I were you I would cut it out slowly. You are gonna have bad withdrawls! But there is life after DP...lol.

Jed said...

Drink them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mduncan said...

Hunny i have the same problem with sarah!!! her poppie created a MONSTER with "peppa" so we stumbled on the lovely Diet DP Caffine free.... tastes the same without all the "bad stuff" in regular DP try it out for home and stick to ordering the regular stuff when you eat out!

Kelly said...

Not that it matters b/c Mom and I are the only two sane people in our family who hate dr. pepper, but just to correct you on one thing it is a 12 step program not 10. One of the steps is apologizing to anyone you've ever hurt, so I'll be expecting at the very least a LONG phone call about all the things you did to me when we were teenagers or feeding me marigolds when we were little.lol