Sunday, October 05, 2008

Girls Night

Love this strip.....I stole it from my bloggy friend at Life at the Circus. Thanks Crystal! :)

It is fitting because last night we had a girls' night out at Copper River Grill (We had a better experience than Jennifer had!) and Target, of course!

We had a great time but, as usual, the hubbies weren't thrilled about letting us out of the house for too long at a time! :)

It's so nice to go out with girlfriends and be able to talk and eat without interruption.

I had a great time girls!! Thanks, S Laney, for planning it. Let's do it more often. :)


Jennifer said...

I am glad that y'all had a better experience... I think it is funny that y'all went in and ask for the same thing... I am just glad that they are NOW telling people of the extra cost... by the way, don't you LOVE girls night???? I have one that I need to post that we did about a month ago... I am still behind...

Summer Martin said...

We did have a great time and I agree it needs to be more often. Hope you have a great week, and stop working so much.

Summer Laney said...

I am glad everyone has able to was much needed for all of us!! And we DO NEED to do it more often :)