Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Night Entertainment

Ella Kate and I hung out tonight while the boys went to the Dorman football game.

She's always good for a little entertainment. For instance....

I was changing her pants (yes, we're back to pooping in them!!!), and she kept insisting that her "booty" (and that could refer to several various body parts) was bleeding.


I don't think so.

But she insisted.

So I asked her where and she pointed.

And I asked her how it felt.

After a little thought...."like green beans".

Stifling a laugh, "Um, Ella, does that mean it feels bad?"

Cause green beans are bad, ya know.

"Yes (sniff, sniff) that's what it means."

I could barely contain my laughter.

We covered it with diaper rash ointment and that seemed to do the trick.

So, on to Walmart for some lengthy browsing....

And we're walking along when she starts having a fit (a very loud fit) and declaring that she wants that hair!!!

It took me a minute to figure out what hair she was so enthralled with....

Very similar to these. And it was awfully cute. I'll give her that.

But come on, she won't sit still for a good brushing, much less a couple of hours of braiding!!

I think she was really in love with all the sparkly, colorful beads and barretts they had in. :)

She stared for a while. I could just see her little wheels turning.

My baby girl.......

1 comment: said...

So cute. Glad you had a fun girls night!

Thanks for the encouragement on my post... yes, it was my first half marathon. I was so happy I was able to finish!!