Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Festival II

Thursday night we joined some friends at Fall Festival at First North in Spartanburg. It was so crowded!! They had all kinds of fun rides for the kids!

We rode several different kiddie rides and then waited in line for a kiddie rollercoaster that they all LOVED! Nana and Papa James took Ella Kate and Jake to an amusement park at the beach this year and told us that Ella Kate LOVED the rides. I guess we saw for ourselves this week!

She really did enjoy them which was surprising!

I love this picture of them in action!!

Ella Kate, Brynn, & Zachary

(some of) The guys

The gals

This picture is great!! I caught them just as it took off - check out Jake! :)

Okay, you have to know that the reason Brycen and Ella Kate are riding together is because they had been holding hands the entire time and HAD to ride together!!! I figured Michael would die when he saw them but he just laughed! I think they learned that from Brynn & Zachary. :)

Brycen, Zachary, Jake and Zoe

All the kiddos....more than the adults!!

Best buds.....


Stacy said...

We had a great time with everyone!
I'm glad the comment thing is working now!

Jennifer said...

Looked like y'all had a ball....