Thursday, October 30, 2008


The way Ella Kate talks is something a lot of people comment to me about. Not to say that they criticize her, they just say how cute her speech is because it's different. Most of them are talking about the way she can't say "r" or "l" or several other letters correctly. Like "Edda" for herself or "weally" for really.

Michael talked the same way when he was little. His dad always tells about when Michael told him he had a "wock" in his pocket, and his dad asked him over and over what he meant. Michael just kept saying "a wock." He finally showed him his "rock." :)

I'm sure she'll grow out of it, but it's sweet for the time being! If not, we'll go see Ms. Corrie...that wouldn't be so bad! ;)

Some other people comment on her interesting version of different words, her "ella-isms".

For example,

"Ms. Summer!! I need a tennis shoe!!" In school last year she would ask Ms. Summer for a tennis shoe constantly. She had no idea what she meant. Come to find out, she wanted a TISSUE.

"Mom, I'm putting my drink in my coke holder!" Actually a CUP holder, dear. Some of us drink Dr Pepper. :)

"Daddy, can I go to the dunk with you?" To this day, when we take the garbage off, it's not to the trash DUMP, but rather to the trash dunk. (And no, not everyone has trash service!)

"Mom, can I wear my hair in tangles today?" Umm...if you want....but wouldn't you rather have BRAIDS instead? Guess it does look kind of tangly if you don't know what mom is doing!

And just tonight, I add a new one to my list.

I think this one evolved from Jake's little virus this weekend.

She was looking in the fridge and kept insisting, "Mom, I can't find the throw up!!"

Oh my word, what in the world? Do we really have throw up in our fridge??? Wouldn't doubt it some days!

I'm looking beside her, trying to figure out what she means...... "Ella, what would you eat with your throw up?" (cause you have to speak her language or she falls apart) :)

"I'd eat panty-cakes (yes, that's another one for ya! my kids are so wharped!) with my throw up."


Gotcha. :)


Tracy said...

My personal favorite Ella-ism is ..... I'm Shersty! Too cute!

Rhonda said...


Jennifer said...

I like Ella-isms.... cute sayings from a cute little girl... but I don't think I want to eat dinner at your house esp if you are serving throw up...

Corrie said...

those sayings are so cute!

Yeah - she can come to see me if she doesn't grow out of it. :)