Thursday, October 30, 2008


Let me preface this post by saying that I am trying to get caught up on some older posts that I never got around to! I'm going to move them to the spot they belong after everyone gets a chance to check them out. Cheating a little I suppose!

In August we went to Charleston with my family. We had not been in a while so it was a nice treat. We stayed right downtown at the Embassy Suites beside the Farmers Market. It was fun to wake up Saturday morning and walk outside the door into the market.

We went down on Thursday afternoon and headed downtown for dinner at Bubba Gump's and did a little swimming before it was bedtime. Friday morning we got up and headed to the beach at Isle of Palms. They have a nice public park there where you can use all their facilities just for the day. The kids were really excited to be back at the beach!! They've come a long way from the days when they refused to touch the sand! I think they both went through that but Jake longer than Ella.

Bobby played with them most of the time and seemed to be the only one that allowed photography in the swimming attire. ;) (other than the kids of course!)

Ella Kate really liked the ocean which surprised us but didn't care for it to get in her face. Who does?! Jake liked to ride his "soof board" the most.

Friday night we waited a looooong time for Mimi to arrive. While we waited we went to dinner at AW Shucks. We had never been there before. I think it's more of a name than a great place to eat....I wasn't terribly impressed with the food!

Saturday we headed out to the Farmers Market and walked downtown for some shopping. I love, love, love the shops down there! Afterwards, we stopped for lunch at Hymans which Michael and I really do like. It was great as usual!

Saturday afternoon we went back to the beach with Mimi and stayed until we almost got locked in the park!! We took the kids out to the waterfront park that night for some fun in the fountains.

Sunday we were up and out early to make our way home.

We don't get to vacation often with my family so we really enjoyed time spent with them.

Notice the store they're in front of.....
By the way, KK has a hurt foot, thus the wheelchair for the weekend.

Probably my most favorite picture from this trip.... So typical Ella Kate style... :)


Stacy said...

It's nice when you get to go with your family. Looks like all of yall had a great time. Kain and Corey are going down in March for a field trip with school.

Jennifer said...

Looks like y'all had a ball...I love IOP and the market. I wanted to move there until we were there and it rained and the water was up past our

Barbara Hoffman said...

I love Charleston... if we could move their and live in a nice old and big house downtown... I would move tomorrow... It has always been "our" getaway place without the kids..

Misty said...

I have entered the Blogging world! yay!

Sophie Morand said...

We love Charleston too! It reminds us a lot of France. Beautiful pics as usual.