Thursday, October 30, 2008


The way Ella Kate talks is something a lot of people comment to me about. Not to say that they criticize her, they just say how cute her speech is because it's different. Most of them are talking about the way she can't say "r" or "l" or several other letters correctly. Like "Edda" for herself or "weally" for really.

Michael talked the same way when he was little. His dad always tells about when Michael told him he had a "wock" in his pocket, and his dad asked him over and over what he meant. Michael just kept saying "a wock." He finally showed him his "rock." :)

I'm sure she'll grow out of it, but it's sweet for the time being! If not, we'll go see Ms. Corrie...that wouldn't be so bad! ;)

Some other people comment on her interesting version of different words, her "ella-isms".

For example,

"Ms. Summer!! I need a tennis shoe!!" In school last year she would ask Ms. Summer for a tennis shoe constantly. She had no idea what she meant. Come to find out, she wanted a TISSUE.

"Mom, I'm putting my drink in my coke holder!" Actually a CUP holder, dear. Some of us drink Dr Pepper. :)

"Daddy, can I go to the dunk with you?" To this day, when we take the garbage off, it's not to the trash DUMP, but rather to the trash dunk. (And no, not everyone has trash service!)

"Mom, can I wear my hair in tangles today?" Umm...if you want....but wouldn't you rather have BRAIDS instead? Guess it does look kind of tangly if you don't know what mom is doing!

And just tonight, I add a new one to my list.

I think this one evolved from Jake's little virus this weekend.

She was looking in the fridge and kept insisting, "Mom, I can't find the throw up!!"

Oh my word, what in the world? Do we really have throw up in our fridge??? Wouldn't doubt it some days!

I'm looking beside her, trying to figure out what she means...... "Ella, what would you eat with your throw up?" (cause you have to speak her language or she falls apart) :)

"I'd eat panty-cakes (yes, that's another one for ya! my kids are so wharped!) with my throw up."


Gotcha. :)


Let me preface this post by saying that I am trying to get caught up on some older posts that I never got around to! I'm going to move them to the spot they belong after everyone gets a chance to check them out. Cheating a little I suppose!

In August we went to Charleston with my family. We had not been in a while so it was a nice treat. We stayed right downtown at the Embassy Suites beside the Farmers Market. It was fun to wake up Saturday morning and walk outside the door into the market.

We went down on Thursday afternoon and headed downtown for dinner at Bubba Gump's and did a little swimming before it was bedtime. Friday morning we got up and headed to the beach at Isle of Palms. They have a nice public park there where you can use all their facilities just for the day. The kids were really excited to be back at the beach!! They've come a long way from the days when they refused to touch the sand! I think they both went through that but Jake longer than Ella.

Bobby played with them most of the time and seemed to be the only one that allowed photography in the swimming attire. ;) (other than the kids of course!)

Ella Kate really liked the ocean which surprised us but didn't care for it to get in her face. Who does?! Jake liked to ride his "soof board" the most.

Friday night we waited a looooong time for Mimi to arrive. While we waited we went to dinner at AW Shucks. We had never been there before. I think it's more of a name than a great place to eat....I wasn't terribly impressed with the food!

Saturday we headed out to the Farmers Market and walked downtown for some shopping. I love, love, love the shops down there! Afterwards, we stopped for lunch at Hymans which Michael and I really do like. It was great as usual!

Saturday afternoon we went back to the beach with Mimi and stayed until we almost got locked in the park!! We took the kids out to the waterfront park that night for some fun in the fountains.

Sunday we were up and out early to make our way home.

We don't get to vacation often with my family so we really enjoyed time spent with them.

Notice the store they're in front of.....
By the way, KK has a hurt foot, thus the wheelchair for the weekend.

Probably my most favorite picture from this trip.... So typical Ella Kate style... :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fish Hook

Well, our luck continues. Today, Jake got a fish hook stuck in his hand.

Good ole' mom felt sick on her stomach and couldn't stand trying to pull it out. That and it would take 2 - one to hold him down and one to pull.

So what did we do?

Head over to our neighbor's house and let Ms. Kendra's MIL pull it out while Ms. Misty held Jake down. Mom wimped out. :)

Thankfully, it wasn't in very deep and came out easily.

Mom just isn't very good at that stuff. Guess I'll learn if we keep going at this rate.....

Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Dorman vs Byrnes

Friday night Ella Kate and I finally joined Michael and Jake at a football game. He had asked me all year to come but we really have enjoyed our girl time on Fridays! We shop for hours and she loves it! Jake and Michael aren't that into hours of shopping! But they are into hours of football. Rain or shine, these two are at those high school Friday nights.

And they really are never at a loss for good games....we jokingly say our allegiance is split 3 ways. We both graduated from Woodruff, we now live in the Byrnes district, but Michael's best friend (do guys say that???) is the AD at Dorman. I think in the end his love for Woodruff wins out (did you know they are conference champs this year?!).

Jake tickles me the way he gets into the game. He yells the whole time - sometimes he knows what he's yelling about...sometimes he doesn't. And he comes home and describes in great detail what went on at the game...who he saw (you know mom, that girl you know with brown hair who has a kid...oh yeah, that one?!?), who made what plays, who was hurt and how, the winner....all from the mind of a 5 year old. It's entertaining to say the least.

So, this Friday....we decided to come with the boys since this was a big game, or possibly THE biggest game. We really did end up having a good time! Uncle Gary came with Michael so that was a big treat as well! The kids ran and played while the ladies chatted and the men watched the game. Just the way it should be! ;)

Jake loved the football....Ella Kate loved that mommy let her put on all the lip gloss she wanted as long as she was quiet!

The Harrell girls! :)

We see you hiding Uncle Gary... ;)

In the end, Dorman won the game, which was probably pretty unexpected for most people there. I think it's been at least 7 years since they won. They were pretty excited!

Okay, I have to say a little about this picture. This is a coach Michael and I both had at Woodruff (me as a teacher and Michael as a coach) - Coach Dempsey. He recently went to Dorman to coach (I think about 3 years ago). Sometime since he came, he made a deal with the football team that he would not cut his hair again until they beat Byrnes. Keep in mind that they had not beat Byrnes in many years and that Byrnes is (was?) a nationally ranked team. He promised them anyway. (I just wonder how his wife felt about this....we saw them out one night and I thought Deanna had herself a new husband! He doesn't look the same!).

So, this is a picture of his hair the night of the game. This is also how happy he is when the game is over. I think I saw his wife doing a little jig after the game. ;)

And this, my friends, is my proud little boy when a Dorman football player ran to the stands and picked him to jump up and give his arm band to. Jake loves it!!! He spent a hour on the field after the game searching for this player (we think it was #10 but we're not very sure!).

Here is Jake gently leading Ella Kate to shake the football player's hand. I cannot believe she did it! I was terrified of football players when I was young. Even as a teenager I thought they were scary!

Jake made it his personal goal to shake every single player's hand. He is not shy in the least! He would walk right up to them and stick that hand out and wait until they shook it. They're so sweet in obliging him. I guess they know they have a little kid that wants to be just like them when he grows up!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jake's First Dermabond

Tonight we had our first Dermabond experience (Dermabond is the modern day "stitch" for the skin - really just like super glue). I must say that I really thought it would come sooner than this with Jake. And this one wasn't even very bad.

Jake was being so helpful and setting the table for me while dinner was cooking. I saw him putting out silverware and plates and thought he was done. Little did I know he was standing on the kitchen counter getting the glasses out!! He was trying so hard to be helpful, but....

it backfired on him. He fell off the counter. He cut his head and banged up his ribcage.

It bled a good bit because it was on his forehead and it didn't really want to stay shut so we paid a visit to good ole' Dr Brad. What would we do without him?!?

Dr Brad fixed Jake right up and we're as good as a little scar to match his buddy Braeden's! We are very appreciative for good friends that save us mucho money. Maybe he'll be able to set broken bones at home for the football years to come. ;)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Boo in the Zoo

Michael and I had never taken the kids to Boo in the Zoo so we decided to try it this year with the Laneys. It was very, very crowded but the line moved really quickly. The kids got all kinds of neat toys and some candy too!

A family pic....why can we never all be looking at the camera??

Girls and their daddies...

They're looking at the snakes!! Those were one of the few animals we saw but they loved them!

Kitty and puppy fighting ;)

All the kiddos (Iron Man, Baby Butterfly, Poodle, Kitty)