Monday, September 22, 2008

Zoo Trip

On our way back from the beach a few weeks ago, we stopped by Riverbanks Zoo for the annual zoo trip. I think we've gone every year since Jake was born, including the year he was a baby and had no clue what an animal was and couldn't care less that he was "seeing" so many of them!

Aren't all 'kid' trips when they're young just for us parents anyway? You remember, when your firstborn was a baby, you were soooo excited to be doing all the 'kid' events like the zoo, the park, Halloween, Santa Claus, etc, etc.

I remember thinking with Jake, "Why ARE we doing this again?" "Does he even care that he is getting candy in that plastic pumpkin?" "OH! Yes! Daddy and I have a little sweet tooth that this will satisfy for the next several months!!" :)

Anyway, back to the zoo.

The kids enjoy the zoo more every year. This year they were so excited from the moment they heard about the trip. Here is a 'picture-story' of the day....

Is this the lizard that pooped in our bed at the beach??? The kids were anxious to know! :)

(More on that story in the actual beach post)

(And YES I know it's probably some elaborate species and not a true-blue lizard!)

Watching the zoo worker lady do something with the rocks in the aquarium. It looked strangely like stirring them up. Is that something they do? And for good reason??

Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed watching her do it.
These guys have to be pretty just to make up for the wretched smell they put off. One poor little girl told her mom she wasn't going NEAR those stinky animals.
Ella Kate watches the penguins swim.
These are REAL! Aren't they pretty? Probably my favorite part. I just don't remember seeing them in the past. We probably skipped this building because we thought it looked boring. That's what we get!! They were just beautiful!
Jake peeps from the tree
Ella Kate finally gets brave and rides a fake animal. She wouldn't have anything to do with the previous ones.
Mom and the babies

Llama, Llama, Red Pajama
or the new version
Llama, Llama, Mad at Mama

Jake feeds...umm...a goat maybe?
Are you serious???? The 3D Spongebob Movie is your FAVORITE part of the zoo???
Ella Kate and the Tiger (Bobby's Clemson Tiger!)
The very muddy elephant

Jake rides the elephant.
I have his picture on this same one every year since he was a babe.

Ella Kate and daddy
Jake feeds the giraffe. The nice lady at the food station asked Jake if he fed the giraffe it's 'special food.' He said, "No, I fed it some salad." Don't try to pass a bowl of lettuce off on my kid as something special. Even if you do charge $1 for a handful!
Probably the second favorite part. My kids are a little obsessed with alligators.

The infamous gorilla. He is the funniest act there!

Walking through the bird cave.
Jake touches the HUGE turtles!
Ella Kate touches the turtles. She really wanted to touch the snakes but no touching allowed there!!
Jake and the pretend turtle
All in all, a great day.


jkstrib said...

Stop that llama drama! ;) I LOVE that book!

Leigh Theo said...

Baby Llama, what a tizzy! Sometimes Mama's very busy!! I love it, too. We've read it so much at our house the book is falling apart!

I'm so jealous! The penguins are definitely my favorite too. I cried when I watched March of the Penguins. Don't tell anybody,though. Especially the internets!

I think the Theo's will plan a fall trip to the zoo! Thanks for the inspiration!

Stacy said...

The zoo is one of our favorite places.It looks like everyone really enjoyed it.We are going Oct 18th. for Boo in the Zoo.We all ought to get together and go.

Jennifer said...

Hey don't know if you have zoo passes or not but you can get them for like $45 a family and are good for a year and the Columbia zoo is one that you can get in free along with alot of others or half price... We get ours at Greenville Zoo every year... I have to say the pegiuns are my FAV too...