Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Bobby!

My baby brother turns 17 today.

I was 13 when he was born and my sister was 12. Needless to say, he was a bit of a surprise!

I can still remember the night my mom and dad told us the news....when they said they needed to tell us something important, it was the first guess out of our mouths. We thought it was an absurd guess. :)

I remember the day he was born I wanted to go to school SOOOO badly!!! I wanted perfect attendance for 2 years in a row!!! My dad wouldn't let me go. I was so disappointed.

Until I got to the hospital and saw that sweet white haired baby. He was way whiter than either of my kids and they're pretty white haired.

My friends mostly thought it was cool that I had such a little brother. I was too old to be jealous so it was pretty neat.

I'm posting these old pics of Kyle....his real name is Kyle. My kids both call him Bobby so we do too. It started with Jake trying to call him baby because he was the youngest person around next to Jake. But Jake's "baby" came out "bobby". It stuck.

My papa is known as Bobby too, and for the same reason. His older sibling called him baby (bobby). Kyle used to be embarrassed when my kids called him that in public but I think he has finally come to embrace it. ;)

So, I'm posting these old pics of Kyle so you can see where Jake gets his looks. Everyone that knew my brother when he was little thinks they look just alike!
Happy Birthday Bobby!!!


Stacy said...

Wow! Jake does look just like him.

Summer Laney said...

Hope your brother had a good birthday! It is pretty amazing the resemblance between him and Jake!

Sophie Morand said...

The resemblance is just amazing!

jkstrib said...

Scary amazing! He looks just like your brother!