Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy Day

After shot

We had a full day yesterday!

I started out early in the morning by running (walking) the Race for the Cure. The original plan was to run but our preparations weren't the best so we ran down the hills and walked up them. We finished with a respectable time so we were happy....less than an hour. :)

We were totally impressed, though, with the more 'advanced' runners who finished the whole thing in 16 and 18 minutes. Wow!!

Now that is some fast running.

I think I could train all year and not run that fast.

It was fun still, and we hope to do some more. If you know of any good ones that are cheap (or even free!) let me know so we can add them to our calendar.

I rested after the race, and yesterday afternoon Michael and I .....

(drum roll please)....

took the kids to my moms to spend the night!!!


We haven't had an overnight sitter in, well, I can't remember when.

We were thrilled!!

Our friends, Kevin & Shelley, called Friday and offered us FREE! tickets to the Carolina game last night. Of course we wanted to go, but the challenge was finding a sitter.

Luckily, my mom was very excited to keep the kids overnight. Thank you Mimi, Pop, Bobby & KK for letting them stay!!

Michael and I thoroughly enjoyed our time hanging out with the Arrowoods and seeing the ballgame.

Now, I do love to go to a Carolina game. We go to several each year.

But I have to admit, I am not the fan that Shelley is. This girl could hang with the football crazed men!! She knows her stuff. :)

I'm sure Kevin appreciates this about her!

So, I'm taking in the game and really am enjoying it all. But I just don't think my thoughts were the same as Shelley's.

For instance,

Shelley says a friend of a friend tried out to be Cocky when they were in school. She said you have to sign an agreement that you won't tell anyone who you are if you are chosen to be Cocky.

So.....if you are chosen, you are obviously a huge football fan. What in the world kind of excuse do you come up with to explain to your friends that you never attend a football game??? Wouldn't they start to wonder why you disappear every weekend??

And what kinds of abilities are required of Cocky? What does a 'Cocky tryout' involve?

When you're finished 'being Cocky' are you then allowed to make your identity known?


Since there are 2 different squads of cheerleaders, one wearing garnet and one wearing white, how do they decide who is on which squad?

Or do both squads have both colors of uniforms and they alternate?

And why in the world did UAB only have 4 visible cheerleaders? Did the other ones not want to come? I'd say keep them all at home if you can only afford to send 4!!!

And why are there kids who are surely in high school walking around highly intoxicated and the policemen are merely glancing there way without caring???

And there sure are some cute outfits with garnet and black that these chicks have come up with. But some of them need to be reminded that Carolina is not RED!

Anyway, like I said, Shelley kept up with the game....penalties, score, and all.

Rhonda made note of what she'd like to wear to the next game and came up with lots of questions about everything else in the game!! :)

BTW, if you can shed any light on any of these....I'd love to hear it!! ;)

In the end it was a great time had by all....THANK YOU!!! Kevin and Shelley for the great evening. It was beyond wonderful to get out and spend some adult time with good friends and each other.


Summer Laney said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun time at the game.

I had a client that used to be the Tiger for Clemson. I don't know if he had all those rules... I never asked him.

Stacy said...

I'm glad you had a good time.It's always nice to get a night away from the kids.

Summer Martin said...

Of everyone I know, no one deserved a night away from their kids more than you guys. I hope you enjoyed it, because it may be awhile before it happens again. said...

Congrats on the run! Great work!
And how lucky are you to have a date night with your hubby. Glad you had such a good weekend! :-)

jkstrib said...

Go Carolina!!!

Kelly Perry said...

Rhonda I'm so glad you commented on my blog. It's nice to see we are both going through the 3's and how funny it can be. I was scrolling through your blog and am certain that I know you and/or your husband. I just can't place it though - did we graduate together? I saw the Byrnes shirt on your son and thought you guys may still be in the district. Anyways - I enjoy your blog. You have a great sense of humor.