Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Saturday was the first game of Upward Flag Football season at our church. Jake has been sooo excited about football season. He practices almost every day outside, and he prefers it if it is raining. I have NO idea where that came from.
Did he watch football players on tv in the rain or something? Not sure. But the wetter it is, the better. He will ask on the way home, "Mom, is the grass wet today?" Because if it is....you'd better bet he's planning on a game!!

And he has to get all decked out to play. Full football attire is required.

Stretching the muscles :)

He wanted a shot of him throwing the ball!

Soaked and completely loving it!
So anyway, flag football officially started up on Saturday. I gave in and let Ella Kate sign up for cheerleading this year. Probably not my one of my best ideas. You'll see why!


With Coach Daddy

Running through the "tunnel"
Braeden and Brycen
Melissa runs to keep up - what a good sport!
Uncle Brad and the team - Jake is number 4
Jake, Brynn, Ella Kate

Meanwhile, over at the girls' camp...
This is what most of the cheerleaders are doing...

This is what Ella Kate is doing...

But she looks cute while doing it...right?

Okay, I'll smile a little if Karson cheers beside me!!

Karson is the coach, Ms. Summer's, daughter and Ella Kate is her mini-me.

Ella Kate eventually joined in on the cheering just a tad. But only after Ms. Summer bribed her with her end of the game snack. My girl will do most anything for a little food!! :)

Jake did score a touchdown so he was pretty pleased, even though it wasn't the "15 scores" that he originally planned to make.

Mimi, Nana, Dave, and Caleb all came out to watch their first game together, so they were very excited to see them there!!

We'll see how next week goes!


Stacy said...

Well she looks cute just sitting there! I love the colors of the uniforms.

Jennifer said...

She did cheer towards the end and she was so cute doing her shakeing.... Jake is going to be next big quaterback...

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

Those are some adorable pictures! Looks like you all are ready for a fun season!

jkstrib said...

Great pictures! Your babies are too cute!

Anonymous said...

What a cute football player and cheerleader!!! I love the colors too! Love all the pictures you took. Hope you all have a great season!!!

Corrie said...

those poms are as big as she is! Tell Jake congrats on his touchdown!