Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day

Finally!! I feel like school has been "starting" for weeks now with all the preparing and meeting teachers and the big kids already being back.

It was rainy outside this morning so we had to make our pictures inside this year!

We had to get Jake a new bag yesterday since the first one we bought was too small. We'll get his name on his soon!!
Jake started 4K today in Ms. Leigh's class. (Jake has a July birthday so we have made the decision to start him a year later in Kindergarten after MUCH prayer and talking with friends who have made the same decision. I think it will be very beneficial for him in the long run!)

Jake and Ms. Leigh

Ms. Leigh is actually a friend of mine from high school and her husband is a friend of Michael's. We feel very fortunate to have Ms. Leigh this year...we've heard great things about her! I know Jake will grow to love her just as he did Ms. Sophie last year.

I think it was hard for him this morning to go into school and into the classroom right BESIDE Ms. Sophie, but not WITH Ms. Sophie. He sure does love her! She was his very first teacher, so I'm sure she'll always have a spot in his heart just like my first teacher does....Ms. Turpin. Still remember her sweet little voice! :)

So, anyway, Jake said his day was good. When I picked him up, I asked him all the typical questions and noticed he never said Ms. Leigh's name. I asked him what his teacher's name was and he thought a few minutes before answering "Ms. Lindsey". Poor soul....never will be good with names. Kind of surprised he's got mom, dad and Ella Kate down already. ;)

Ms. Leigh has her hands full this year with at least 4 little boys that are already very familiar with each other and love to goof off. I am confident that she and her assistant, Ms. Denise, can handle them though. I'm all for using a big stick when things get rough though!! :)

This was Jake's craft today...pretty cute, huh?

Ella Kate started in a 3 year old class this year...is that 3K?

Her teacher this year is Ms. Misty. This morning on her way to school, Ms. Misty had a bad car accident. We actually passed it on our way to school but weren't sure it was her until we arrived at school and heard the news. Someone had rear-ended her and, I believe, totaled her car. She was taken to the hospital but has no broken bones, thank goodness!!! I'm sure she's very sore and still shaken.

We really missed Ms. Misty today and we hope she feels better very soon!!! We'll get a picture with her when she's back.

She's back....

I hope Ella Kate does okay in her new class. She wasn't thrilled about going in this morning, but was perfectly fine once I left. Stacey says her crying is all for my benefit. :) Too bad it doesn't get her out of staying!! I think she thought she would be in Ms. Summer's class again, her teacher from last year who she LOVED. It didn't sink in that this was a new year until I left her somewhere different!

She knows a couple of the kids in her class....Addie is a friend from church who I think Ella Kate will love playing with this year. Jackson is a precious little boy from her class last year so I think that will be great for both of them to have a familiar face.

Now if we can master pooping in the potty so we don't get kicked out of our big girl class!!! (no diapers allowed in 3K classes!) I just put her panties on her this morning and told her she had to hold it until Mommy picked her up. Sure enough, as soon as we got home, she asked for a diaper and went and did her business. Will this ever end???

I'm going to try Ms. Leigh's trick soon and cut a hole in the diaper to catch her off guard and let it "accidentally" go in the potty. Pretty sneaky there...

And as if first day of school wasn't enough, mommy had her first day at a new job! No one is totally sure how long the job will last, but we'll hope for the best!! I'm going to be working in our Children's Ministry at church. This means that I'll be in the same building with the kids working the same hours that they go to school. How super fabulous is that?!? And I just LOVE all the people I'm working with. I really couldn't have asked for a better opportunity than the one I've been given. I truly believe God placed it in my lap, if for no other reason than to give me a nice break from cleaning houses. Believe it or not, cleaning houses is kind of a dirty job that makes your knees hurt on most days. ;)

Sweet Ms. Joy shared some Chick-Fil-A with me this morning and made my day!! (She's in the ELC office.) At our church, we have the Early Learning Center which is the school and then we have our church Children's ministry office. Although it's two separate "jobs", they're in the same building so I get to see all kinds of great people during the day!

I think it will be so much fun to work at a place I love!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Last week a couple of friends and I held our second consignment sale at our church. WOW!

We were surprised and grateful for the success that it was!

Here are some pics of our sale and all the good stuff we had!

It was lots of work but we had lots of fun too! The kids had fun hanging out together but were totally worn out (just like us!) by the time the week was over.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Are You Kidding Me??

We had a storm tonight. And I mean a STORM!

The sun was out and it was 99 degrees and the next thing you know....torrential rains and window-rattling winds!!

The storm wreaked havoc on our backyard in a MAJOR way....
$400 swingset!!

"Free" playhouse in 3 pieces!

Anybody have any backyard toys to donate? ;)