Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who will win this one?

Ella Kate has never been a very good eater. I honestly don't remember how well she ate baby food...I think my life then was a baby-filled blur. I do know that as soon as she transitioned to table food, which was pretty early, she preferred breads and other carbs. After 3 years, her diet consists mainly of bread, macaroni and cheese, french fries, and pizza. Oh, and don't forget as much icing as she can lick off of a cake! I am so ashamed to say that she refuses to eat a single fruit or vegetable!!!

It's not because she hasn't been offered healthier foods. She just refuses to eat them and waits until the next meal for her ration of bread to get her by.

I know I have created this scenario by allowing her to choose her foods so early on. My mistake. Period. And now I am reaping what I've sown and having to teach her to eat them.

Not fun.

I decided to visit a pediatric nutritionist for some help. I must not be the only one interested in visiting one because we have literally waited 8 weeks for our appointment! We went yesterday and the nutritionist and the dietician (not sure if there's much difference!) were both very nice.

We got some great suggestions and guidance on where to start with this "journey". One of the first things they said to do was not allow her to drink anything other than water (and 2 cups of milk) each day. They said she was satisfying her hunger with tea or other sweet drinks so that she didn't have to eat the healthier foods I was offering her.

My child will honestly just not eat before she will try the fruits or vegetables that she is given. I've tried not to make it an enormous battle because I know that will backfire on me as well. She is VERY strong-willed...not unlike her mother! :)

So, basically, the plan is to force her to eat by making her very, very, very, very hungry.

Her previous pattern was to choose not to eat at dinner because she didn't like what we had and she would go to bed hungry. She then would get up and eat a breakfast fit for a large man! She would eat 3-4 waffles plus a cup of chocolate milk every morning.

All this background to bring you to our day...

I took away her sugar drinks yesterday. She did not eat a big dinner last night.

This morning I placed a single blueberry on her plate.

It is about a centimeter wide for crying out loud!!

You would have thought I asked her to eat a live bug!!!

I also fixed a plate full of blueberry pancakes and even told her she could have syrup this morning with them!! Syrup is only for special occasions in our house because they make such a mess!

She looked at the pancakes and she looked at the blueberry. I think she did a toddler eye roll. :)

She laid on the floor and cried for a while. I tried to ignore her and when she told me she wanted pancakes, I calmly reminded her that all she had to do was eat this one blueberry and she could have them all!!

No go.

It is 12:27 PM and the blueberry is still sitting on the plate.

She has told me that she is starving and that her tummy hurts really bad.

But she won't touch the blueberry.

How long does this battle of wills go on????

When she passes out from hunger do I secretly stuff food in her so she won't think she's won. Then she'll just wake up and be a little less hungry and we can start this song and dance all over???

Do I hook her up to iv fluids so she doesn't starve to death and hold fast to my promise, "You are not getting any other food until you eat this blueberry" ??

I know her and I know her mom and this could be a LONG day....

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