Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh What Strong Will

4:30 yesterday afternoon and still no eating...

Around 3:00 I took Ella Kate to the grocery store and let her see all the different fruits and try to pick one she might like. I got an apple, strawberries, applesauce, watermelon.... The whole time in the store, she would see something she liked and say "I want that!" but then she would quickly follow it with "But I don't want to eat fruit first!" Hmmm... She knew what was going on! But she was choosing to just starve....whose kid is this?? Her mama doesn't choose to starve! :)

At about 4:30 yesterday I decided to call the nutritionist and see if there was something else I could/should do with my starving child. She said that this was making both of us overly anxious and making it a huge deal so we should try a different way. She's so sweet.

She suggested that at dinnertime I feed her as she would normally eat and not make a deal out of it. Don't say a word, just feed her. Then we would start "hiding" fruits and veggies in her food in the days to follow. After we started getting them in her, we would try again to get her to eat them. She is making me a specific list of foods to puree and "hide" in the foods she willingly eats. All I have to do is send her the list of "preferred" foods. How exciting!!

I do agree that it's making a HUGE deal out of eating and that is not good for girls especially when eating can be such an issue later in life. BUT I really, really, really didn't want to give in.

It's just harder than you can imagine to see your baby lying there so hungry that she doesn't do anything but sleep and you are choosing to let her be that way. If I'd only known what I was choosing a few years back when I let this happen. Please new(er) mothers...learn from my mistakes!!

So I fed the baby dinner and she was back to normal. Mission Unaccomplished.

Oh, and thank you to all my good friends who called to check on the baby girl! It means so much to know you care!! :)


Natalie Kellett said...

Note taken =) Bless both your hearts. I'm glad your nurtritionist is working well with you. I will be praying for a smoother transition into the world of eating vegies and fruits. By the way I think you need to post a pic of the new hairdo. I haven't really gooten to see it yet =)

Kevin & Shelley Arrowood said...

It sounds like the nutritionist has had a few rounds like yours. At least you know you are not alone in your struggle. Hopefully "hiding" the food will work wonders. Have you seen the book by Dr Dobson about dealing with strong willed children. might be a good one to pick up if you have not read it already.

I wish someone would hide some carbs in my 1200 calorie/day adventures. Argh!

jkstrib said...

Bless you both. JuJu will be praying for all concerned! :)

Corrie said...

good luck with your battle! I hope hiding the food will work. man, I wish someone had to make me problem there! lol.

Rhonda said...

I'm with you Corrie...forcing me to eat is unheard of! :)