Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Baby is 5

Today my baby boy turns 5. Sniff, sniff.

And what a 5 years it has been.

Jake...what can you say about Jake....

When Jake was a baby he cried a lot. A LOT. I mean so much so that all our videos of him are of crying. The doctor tried to blame it on reflux. I think it was his personality. He had things to say and places to go and we weren't cooperating. We kept trying to make him sleep and eat and that was boring.

But he sure was cute while he cried. He looked a lot like a skinny, old man when he was born. But soon afterwards, he fattened up and was just adorable. His nickname with Ms. Becky and Ms. Ashlee was 'Cabbage Patch'. In fact, one day I went through a drive thru and the lady actually asked me if that was a cabbage patch kid in the carseat.

Duh. Yes, I'm just pretending. :)

He must have smelled those good ole' fries and took a time out from crying.

He was a cutie though. And I'm not biased at all.

He is just like his mother. He has the same strong-willed, hard headed, determined spirit that I have. That can be good AND bad. I know from experience! Mimi says we just have to channel it right. :)

He can also be the sweetest little fellow in the world. He knows exactly how to crawl in our bed and rub daddy's back so that he doesn't have to go to bed quiiiiite yet. He also loves to sleep in...10:00 isn't unusual for Jake.

He is known for randomly professing his love for mom and dad. You just have to be sure it's not to distract us from what he's been up to in the other room!

He is tender and loving one minute and the next he's ferociously fighting the world. He goes srong 24/7.

We love our Jacob Michael Waddell. Even though he took about 20 hours of labor to get him here!

He was supposed to be Cole you know.... Up until the day he arrived. Jacob Cole I believe. We even had things embroidered with his name and initials. We had talked about naming him after Michael but Michael thought there were already too many Michael Waddells (there are about 3 in Woodruff alone). But when we got in that room and it was time....he decided he wanted his baby boy to have his name! Jacob Michael Waddell it was. And we would call him Jake.

Now I can't get more common than his name. For the first few years of his life, Jacob was the Number 1 name and Michael was the Number 2 name. It's okay. He's our only Jake. At least people won't wonder how to spell it. And they'll always have Waddell to mess up. Some folks seem to think Waddell and Waddle are the same! ;)

So our baby Jake will celebrate with a spider-man waterslide party today and lots of family and friends.

Happy 5th Birthday Baby'll always be mommy's baby!

I Love You!!

3 months

12 months

9 months

Just pretty baby blues...


Summer Martin said...

Happy Birthday Jake. My kids can't wait to come to Jake's birthday party. Those are some cute pictures of Jake as a baby.

Summer Laney said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!

The 1st thing that came out of Brynn's mouth this morning was ...
Are we going to Jake's party now, I need my bathing suit! Can't wait for all the fun.

Love Jake's baby pics. He hasn't changed a bit!

Leigh Theo said...

Summer Laney is can tell those baby pictures are definitely Jake! He is such a cutie. Happy Birthday to him and good luck with Little Miss Strong-Willed today! Just's just a stage and you will look back on it and laugh one day soon! Hopefully REAL soon! Have a great day, girl!

Natalie Kellett said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! OMG those pics are so cute. He was an adorable chunkly little baby. I just want to squeeze his cheeks! Have fun at the birthday today.

Corrie said...

Happy Birthday Jake! I can't believe he's 5! He looks the same as he did in the 12mos picture, just bigger of course!

The Hollis Family said...

Happy Birthday, Jake! What a beautiful baby he was- what a handsome little man he is now!

Scott and Sharon Ankerich said...

Happy birthday to your sweet baby! Hope things are going better with Ella Kate. My girl can be stubborn too! Take care!!!

Corrie said...

I will be split between Reidville and Abner for at least next year. What is Jake doing?

Corrie said...

i'm glad he's still doing well. r is not considered delayed until 6.5 so she won't need it for awhile. I've started working with kids that need help with it a few minutes once a week doing mouth exercises. most of them have gotten it that way without having to actually enroll in speech. it's been great.

jkstrib said...

Happy Birthday, Jake! It's great to be five!