Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jake's "procedure"

Thanks to all of you who said a prayer for us on Friday morning as Jake had his little procedure done. He was a trooper who now declares "I never should have went to that hospital!" :)

He was taken very good care of and was in and out (of the OR) in less than 15 minutes. He's just about back to his normal self tonight!

Have you guys seen this neat tube thing?? They have one at each bed and it blows warm air for those way too cold hospital rooms!

Recovery room


Summer Martin said...

I am glad that Jake was such a trooper. He looked like he was having lots of fun waiting for two hours for it to start.

Natalie Kellett said...

what did he have done? I love those warming blankets I wish I had one at home!

Summer Laney said...

I have never seen those warming tubes before. . . they look pretty neat. Is his problem all better now?