Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Dunk

(Dunk is Ella's word for the garbage dump.)

When I was little I remember every Saturday being "dump day".

It was the highlight of our week.

It was a almost comforting to know the routine...daddy would gather up all the trash. We would all have to bring the different cans to the kitchen where he would fill the bags. Then we piled into the truck and left mom at home. Looking back, this was probably her favorite time of the week.

The fun part wasn't the trash. It was that we always got to stop by the store and pick a drink and a snack on the way home. We weren't big spenders when we were kids. This was really something special!

When we were very, very little we always went to Uncle JQ's store for our treats. My memories of this are very sketchy and vague but they're still there.

Fast foward 25 years and my children seem to be enjoying the same thing with their daddy. It seems that we have an inordinate amount of large trash items. You know, the kind of things that can't go in the local garbage dump.

What does everyone else do with these things??? Things that they don't allow you to put in your regular garbage pick up? Do you guys put them in anyway? Are we the only ones on a first name basis with the landfill crew??

Anyway, we have made several trips lately to the Welford Landfill. It really is a fascinating place. Not necessarily fascinating in a good kind of way either. It is absolutely astounding how much trash is there.

I think kids should take field trips there to raise their awareness of how much trash we generate. Perhaps adults should take field trips there too!!

I know most of you are strange. She took pictures at the landfill. So be it. My husband has already informed me that that was abnormal. So did the stares of the other people there dumping their belongings.

In reality, we have 2 little buddies that I would have invited to ride along if they hadn't been on vacation. I think their parents are quite negligent in not allowing them regular trips to see this site.

They happen to love the trash man and aspire to become one when they grow up. Their mom is very proud. She was ecstatic to find $5 toy trash trucks at our consignment sale. She wouldn't have been more excited if she found $5 Coach purses. :) That's a good mom for ya!
So, these pictures are for you boys....

Loading up...

Jake wore his "work gloves" so he could get out and help

Who wears flip-flops to the landfill anyway??? EW!!

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droger29 said...

Ahh, the memories of JT's! Matt Roddy and I were talking about it the other day. We used to ride our bikes there. Do you remember the thousands of bottle caps in the parking lot? Mmm, if only I had a Pepsi in a glass bottle and a huge Sweet Tart about now.