Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dr Ben

Recently we all made our biyearly trip to the dentist. It was thankfully a very peaceful visit! The kids both let them clean their teeth...yeah!! Jake did extremely well!! This was his second official cleaning and he hopped right in the chair and did not move a muscle. He even let them use a fluoride tray in his mouth for the full minute and didn't swallow a drop!!

This was Ella Kate's very first trip. She was okay at first but started to be a little skittish when she tried to floss her teeth. She wanted nothing to do with that floss...probably because (shame of all shames) no one had ever flossed her teeth before!! The hygienist tried every flavor they had but she just hated it. So in order not to scare her, they just backed off and let her get up. After she stood up, the hygienist (wonderful, wonderful girl!) talked her into letting her clean her teeth while standing up. So she did eventually get each little pearly white polished.

All in all it was a great trip. We love our new dentist office!

I do have to add...Jake had a cavity about a year ago at his first dentist visit. At that time he had to be sedated to fill it which was a dramatic ordeal in itself! At this visit, they found a problem with the previous filling that had caused a cavity to form in the crack between the filling and the tooth. :( So, we scheduled yet another filling. We decided to try it in the office first without sedation for several reasons - he does really well in the chair and it's also about $400 cheaper!!

I was so proud of my baby boy....he got in the chair and didn't flinch the entire time they worked on him. He sat and had his filling without even a numbing shot! Wow!! Sometimes I just want to squeeze that little face....

Ella Kate has her teeth cleaned while standing...

Mr. Thirsty is the favorite!

Wearing the cool shades..

Getting "bibbed" up

Ready to clean!

Jake does his fluoride treatment

Ella Kate cleans baby Dora's teeth with the electric toothbrush :)

Jake wears the shades

Ready to clean!


Summer Laney said...

I am glad they both did so well at the dentist!!

Brynn loves Mr. Thirsty too!

Scott and Sharon Ankerich said...

What a wonderful visit to the dentist! We haven't taken EK for her visit in the chair- she has just gone to observe but plan to this year. Hope it goes as well as it did with your Ella Kate. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Natalie Kellett said...

They did a great job! Man $400 cheaper I think I would go with that too! =)

Sophie Morand said...

I am so proud of Jake!! He is such a sweet little boy.

Kelly said...

Well I guess seeing my brown tooth is doing the job lol. Just keep reminding them about that whenever they don't want their teeth cleaned it might help.