Saturday, July 26, 2008

Birthday Blowout

Jake's birthday party was a blast!! It's taken me this long to recover from it. :)

We rented a waterslide since this was the big number 5. It was the best money ever spent on a birthday. Hands down. The kids LOVED it. The adults LOVED it. We didn't regret one penny.

And the best part...I didn't have to plan a single game.

I am not a game planner. I could plan games all day but the kids would hate them and I would spend the whole party trying to force them to play loser games.

We had the slide all weekend long which was very nice. It worked out perfectly too...the kids played on Saturday and the adults played on Sunday. We really did!

On Sunday, Michael came up with the bright idea to add some conditioner to the slide since he thought we were moving kind of slow. We didn't agree with the slow part but he added it anyway. It worked. We slammed our delicate bodies into the bottom of the slide even harder.

And did I forget to mention that on Sunday it poured rain almost all afternoon. It was lightning though so we played anyway. It's hard to tell in these pictures, but it is raining the entire time! We only huddled under the tent for a short while before we were ready to slide.

I'm sure our neighbors really wonder about us now. Here are some pictures of "adult" day... I promise us girls did slide...LOTS. But you know that we would never allow pictures of the spectacle!

Besides playing in the rain, on Saturday night around 9:00 after Ella Kate went to bed, Michael, Jake and I went out for a slide. It was chilly!! It didn't take long to realize this was much more fun when your friends are right alongside of you acting like complete idiots.

Most importantly, Jake loved it and really enjoyed having all his friends over to enjoy it with him. Now it's time to do the bi-annual (birthday and Christmas) toy clean out to make room for all the good stuff he got!!

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Summer Laney said...

Lots to say. . .
1. Glad Jake had a great birthday! where does time go.
2. The waterslide was a LOT of fun! I like you should get it again next year.
3. I have never seen my hair from the side before (pic w/ me, Chara, Summer). I know...what hairdresser has never seen their own hair from all angles!
4. I don't think I have ever heard you call Brynn "B".
5. I glad the "Martha" in you came out. The cake looked amazing!