Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This week our kids have been going to VBS at Michael's dad's church.

They have had a great time the past 2 nights.

They're sooo excited when we tell them we're getting ready to go to Bible School.

And my kids are hard to impress.

Thing is, shhh.....we drop them off!

I KNOW!!!! I have NEVER dropped my kids off at church and left.

I work with the preschoolers at our church on Wednesday and Sunday nights and you wouldn't believe the amount of kids that are dropped off at church. It just amazes me sometimes. I'd venture to say that over half of them are!

So, needless to say, I'm feeling a teency bit of guilt over this.

I AM working at our VBS next week I remind myself.

And I DO know their teachers and feel confident that they are taken good care of.

So why do I feel bad??

Regardless of our guilt, so far we have immensely enjoyed our 2 free hours at night.

We don't exactly have family lining up to keep our kids, so, unfortunately, time alone is a rare commodity.

All in all, our kids are having a great time learning about Jesus, and Michael and I are enjoying some much needed time together and a break from being parents. I think that's a good deal for everyone!


Summer Laney said...

Hey...I admit I fall into that group of "dropping my kids off". Sometimes you just have to, you need that alone time. But I am trying to be more involved. I am glad the kids are having a good time and you are Micheal are getting time together!

Natalie Kellett said...

Oh I think it is fine you drop them off. Its not like your not involved in there church activties! You help with everything. You need a little time with your hubby. I can always babysit for ya if ya need it! Had fun at lunch!