Sunday, June 08, 2008

Outrigger Island!

Yes! We are in church...and we appear to be dancing away!

We're really doing the motions to the theme song at the VBS Pep Rally.

It was a blast!! Jed did a great job leading the music!

Brynn, Jake, & Zachary wait for the fun to start...don't they look excited??

The kiddos learning the motions...

Stacy, Sum L, and Sum M doing...hmmm...not sure!

Go Summer, Go Summer, Go, Go, Go Summer!

Nana and the boys get their groove on!

Just call us the cheesy family in our matching shirts (and proud of it!)

Haley and Zoe doing the hula :)

Walking back from dinner in the CLC, Brynn & Ella Kate

The 4 year old craft workers...what a good looking group!

(Part of)The gang...Braeden, Ella Kate, Jake, Brynn, & Brycen

Ella Kate and her daddy


Anonymous said...

We are doing Outrigger Island too! Looks like you all are having a ball! We are too!!!

Summer Martin said...

We had so much fun last night. It was so nice to have everthing done and just show up and have fun!! I can't wait to see them all dancing on Friday night to the songs.