Sunday, June 22, 2008

Movies in the Park

Once a month at Barnet Park a local church is having free movies!

A friend invited us and Saturday night we all headed out for 'Evan Almighty'.

This church does it movie on the big screen, free watermelon while you're hanging out waiting, free popcorn and cokes during the movie, and nice fellows coming around spraying you down with sunscreen all the while!

They also gave out gobs and gobs of gift certificates to local restaurants and stores. Wouldn't you know that our friend, Summer M, was the very first name they called!! She won a free dinner at The Flounder. Yeah Summer!!

The kids really enjoyed the waiting part...they threw the football, wrestled, danced, rolled in the grass, played in the neighbors' bubbles and in general had a great summer evening.

By the time the movie started at 9:00, yes 9:00, they were pretty pooped. It was still hard to get them sit down and watch. I think the movie was a little over their heads but they still enjoyed the overall "idea" of the movie...Noah's Ark.

We lasted until it was about 10 minutes from the end and then we all headed out to beat the crowds.

Overall a GREAT time in the park....we will definitely be back next month for Shrek 3!!

Check Summer L's blog for pictures...brilliant me forgot my camera!! :)


Summer Laney said...

I am so glad you guys came. We had a great time. You'll have to remember your camera next time. I don't know if I can get mine charged.

Kim said...

Hey Rhonda!
Glad you found me and now I can keep up with you as well!

Kim Rhodes

Sophie Morand said...

We went last month and we had a lot of fun. Movie in a park is such a great idea. So maybe see you next month!