Monday, June 16, 2008

Kids Eat Free

At about 3:30 today our power went out. Upon calling the power company, we learned that it could be around 6:30 until it was restored. At 4:00 it was getting warm. At 4:30 it was hot.

We decided to go to town. Yes, we call it going to town. We grew up in Woodruff and going to Spartanburg was a trip.

Recently, we have decided to try to spend less money eating out. Thus, I decided to give my trusty friends a call and find out where our money would be most wisely spent tonight.

Where are the "Kids Eat Free" deals on Monday?

Not a single one knew.

They suggested ones for most every other day of the week, but our power was out on Monday. Not Tuesdays at Dennys or Wednesdays at Firehouse. :)

So, I am going to create a list in my sidebar of where you should go each day for a free kids meal.

Please comment or email with your suggestions or even close to free deals.

We did find out tonight that at Pizza Inn in Greer kids are $1 off on Mon and Tues...although they are free on Tuesdays in Duncan. And I did discover that those glorious "Pizza Inn Free Kids Buffet" coupons that come in the Money Mailer....the one I received today has now been changed to 99 cents kids buffet PLUS 99 cent drink. Not too much of a deal... $2 and some change will buy a kids meal most anywhere!

Moms (and anyone else that takes notice) let us know about those deals!! You know we all love them!! I'll post them all to the right.


Summer Martin said...

Denny's is also free on Saturday nights. Moe's is friday and saturday nights, and Sclotzky's(don't know how to spell) is Monday night. Golden corral is 99 cents on Tuesday. Firehouse is Wed. and Sunday night. I will try and think of some more!!!

Rhonda said...

I am soooo sorry! I forgot that you did tell me about Schlotsky's (sp) tonight. We didn't know where one was in Greer. :)
Thanks for suggestions!

Leigh Theo said...

Hey Rhonda! Don't forget Fuddruckers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I think. I just looked online and didn't find anything, but I think that's right! Thanks for the list! I love it! Leigh :)

Summer Martin said...

I knew I would think of more. Garfield's is 99 cents including drink all day on Sundays.