Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Learning Mom!

I heard the tone...."Moooommm".....from the kitchen.

What was my child up to....

Before I could say a word, he exclaims (in a defensive tone), "But I'm just learning Mom!"

I couldn't even be mad. He had not asked me to fix him lunch. He just got everything he needed and prepared his own lunch. He decided it was time for him to learn to make his own sandwich. There is a light at the end of the "never ending servanthood" tunnel.

I have to say he did pretty good for the first time. :)

Yes, we always hang out in our underwear!


Summer Laney said...

How could you be mad... He did a good job.

Summer Martin said...

I only wish my kids knew how to make anything. Just a drink would be nice. All I hear is Mom I want... I can't believe he did such a great job, with very little mess. You may have a cook on your hands.

Sophie said...

Jake, Mrs. Sophie is very proud of you. I love the last picture, you are so handsome.

Rhonda said...

Oh Mrs Sophie!! How good to hear from you! I will pass it on to Jake. :)
Jake asks about you several times a week. He misses you a ton!
You should read some of the old're in there!