Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hot Hot Summer Days

Well, I guess it's not technically summer yet, but it sure does feel like it here!! We have had temperatures in the high 90s every day this week and today is over 100! Wow!

We've been keeping cool at the pool (thanks to Summer!). The kids have loved the pool and it's been so hot that we had no choice but to swim with them!

Jake riding the noodle

Ella Kate and "movie star" Brynn

Mom and babies cooling off

We are also starting VBS tonight at our church. Our theme is "Outrigger Island" like a lot of the Southern Baptist churches in our area. It's a Hawaiian theme so it will be lots of fun. They actually had a pig roasting outside church today for the "luau" tonight. Ew! I hope they'll have some PB&J for the rest of us. :)

Me and a couple of my friends are in charge of preschool crafts. We worked long and hard Friday night getting things ready! We have everything very organized and sorted by class and project.
Hopefully all will go well without too many mishaps....

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Summer Laney said...

After a day like today, I am glad we have that pool. I am so glad you guys are able to come and enjoy it with us!!