Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Shedaisy!

Shedaisy - derived from the Navajo term "shi dayzhih" meaning "my (little) sister"

I have called my baby sister my Shedaisy for many, many years now - probably around 10 years since the days we were in high school.

I heard this word one day on the radio referring to the singing group that was popular back then, and they were explaining where they got their name.

Ah ha! I have one of those!

From then on out, she was my Shedaisy.

We've had our ups and our downs (like all sisters do), but she always has been and always will be my little sister. It is absolutely true that there is no one in this world like a sister.

And let me tell you....this is the last year of her 20s!!

Girl, you'd better make it I know you're planning to!! She has some incredible things happening in her life this year. I cannot wait to celebrate them with her!

Kelly, you are beautiful and smart and have a wonderful heart.

I love you dearly and hope 29 is the best year of your life!!
Spring 2002

(This picture is an inside joke/had to be there kind of thing. It will make me laugh until I cry until the day I die....this one's for you Kelly!!)

10th grade, 1995

6th grade, Fall 1990

6th grade, Spring 1991

Not too sure...just a funny pic...maybe 7th grade?


Summer Martin said...

Wow, I always thought you and your sister looked alike, but when I saw the picture of you two in 2002 you could almost be twins.

Mom said...

That was so sweet! I'm going to have to stop reading your blogs without a box of Kleenex. Between this and "Dancing with Cinderella", I'm not in good shape right now!

Kelly said...

Thank You Soo Much!! But you really could've left off some of those younger pictures the last one was really unflattering. I Love You-SHEDAISY