Friday, May 16, 2008


If you don't know what NKOTB is, you must be pretty darn old or still a babe. My sister called this morning to remind me to tune into The Today Show, and there they were! Apparently, they are trying to make a comeback. They have a new album. :) Can't help but laugh! I did enjoy hearing some old songs...brings back junior high school memories. I think I can quote every word of every song on their albums. Oh, the good ole days.... I would spend hours in my room listening to the songs and making sure I had every lyric right. Wouldn't want to be the only one who didn't know them!
It's funny when you hear something like their songs and it makes you remember things that have long been forgotten. I remember that all my friends got tickets to their concert that year....I got the video. Woe is me. I wish I knew what happened to that video...I'd get a kick out of watching it now.

Who was your favorite NKOTB? Mine was Jordan. :)


Kelly said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Yes I called you this mornng b/c I've been waiting on this day, unfortunately I had to go to school and miss it. Don't pity me yet, I'm old school I recorded it YES on a VCR just so I could see it when I got home from work. So I feel my critique is neccessary-like it or not ur getting it. Rhonda your man Jordan still thinks he's a teenager with his unbuttoned shirt and what was that with the sunglasses? My fave Donnie well I'm sorry for him they killed off his character in the Saw movies he seems to be doing much better at the acting thing, Jonathan still insignificant, Danny still looks like a gorilla, and Joey if you can't hit those high notes you used could on " Please don't go girl" don't try that was sad! But I'll admit the new stuff was better than I expected and they speak well when interviewed!!!! Rhonda's gonna kill me for a comment this long I just couldn't help it!

Rhonda said...

I just wish I could find my video...or at least the cd. Maybe mom secretly watches it now.

Autumn said...

Oh my Lord!! Ya'll are cracking me up!! I saw the Today Show, and I'm not sure they should have come out of retirement! They were fun to watch, though! Love the new look of the blog, Rhonda!

Corrie said...

LOL. I have to admit that if they came on tour around here, I would try to get tickets and go. I still remember every word too. My favorite was Joe.