Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Soccer Season

Jake has played soccer this year for the first time and he has really taken to it well. He still says he enjoys football more (to Michael's delight!) but he is actually pretty good at soccer as well. He has scored 2 goals this season - one in each of the first two games. Their goals are a little harder to score than normal because they have a different set of rules this year. There is a circle around the goal that they cannot touch the ball inside of. They have to kick it from outside the circle for it to count. That makes it a little harder on them and they have made considerably less goals than they think they have. But that's okay....keep their confidence up! :)


Summer Martin said...

I don't know if I am multi talented or just what you call someone who never says "no". I had fun coaching Jake and all the other kids. We had a great season!!!

Kelly said...

I tried to get these pics the way you said I could click and save as and that didn't work. Still want them call me