Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Picking Strawberries

The strawberry patch near our church has gone "Pick Your Own" this year! How great is that?! That's part of the joy of buying fresh strawberries....taking your kids out to find their own.

We all 4 stopped for some strawberry picking one morning after our soccer game. The fun was a tad bit short lived as they both found it hard to only pick the red ones. We somehow have an attraction to the bright green ones! Even Ella Kate with her love of pink still preferred to pull the green ones. I think it was probably all because we told them "do not pick the green ones". "only pick the red ones." That was enough to steer them clear of anything resembling red.
A good 2 minutes into picking Ella Kate was bored. 2 full minutes later Jake was bored as well. I tried to quickly fill up the baskets they had been given so that we would get our moneys worth!

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