Monday, May 19, 2008

New TV

Michael and I have really tried to cut back on major purchases for a while and get our money's worth from the things we already own. BUT even I had to admit that our bedroom tv had seen it's last "hoorah!". We have 2 tv's in the house - one in the living room and one in our bedroom. We don't plan on letting the kids have one in their rooms for a LONG, LONG time just because we don't think it's good for them to sit in there and watch all day (and we know they would!). I mean, come on, they sit in the living room and watch way too much as it is!

So, we have found that having 2 tv's in the house is a good compromise. Trouble is, the one in our bedroom had gotten a little moody. There was a wire loose on the back and if someone walked in the room causing the floor to shake, either the sound, picture, or both would disappear. Very annoying if you're into a show! For a while it worked to prop up the wire with my jewelry box....yes, we are a little red. :) Then it came to having the kids jump in front of the tv to make it "correct" itself. They loved this, even when we were so lazy that we would lay on the bed and yell for them to come from another room to jump start the tv...literally. (Yes, that's my dirty secret. Lazy, lazy girl!)

We finally gave in yesterday and made the big purchase. We used the gift card that Michael won in the fishing tournament to help pay for it. The tv we originally purchased was the brand 'Emerson'. I wouldn't recommend it. In the 19" LCD flat screen, the sound sounds similar to that of your clock/radio. Terrible!! So we took it back today and got a 'TrueTech'. I'd never heard of either brand (I'm sure b/c they're the cheaper ones!) but we're very happy with the one we have. It's our first flat screen so we're thrilled to have joined the 21st century. :)

It's Monday know Jon & Kate are on!!! :)


Kelly said...

Congrats on your new TV must be nice! oh but fyi your wonderful Jon & Kate show is on everyday-it's on three times in a row right now lol

Rhonda said...

Yes, but Monday nights are NEW....everything else is a re-run. And I've watched them all at least a thousand times!