Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Play Time

My kids love to play together.
That doesn't mean that they don't fight.

They do. Plenty!

But they still LOVE to play together.

I have to say this is the very best advantage to having them so close together.

When one of them is gone or asleep, the other one is miserable.

And they are so creative when they play.

They are always imagining things and making up games.

It is the funniest thing to sit and watch or listen to them play.

I personally love to see Ella Kate take up for herself when Jake tries to boss her.

He is soooo just like me.

She just doesn't take it though!

This particular day they are playing "music class". See their obedient pupils. :)
Ask them what their names are....they are ALL either 'Addison' or 'baby'. Addison is their friend Brynn's baby sister. Jake has started asking if we can get a baby. (umm....NO!) His argument is "But Brynn gets to have one!" Ha, ha
See the good teachers...Ella kate even has the authoritative pose going.
You can't tell really well, but Jake is leading the singing with his hands. He's not frowning, he's mid-song. He loves their music teacher at school, Ms. Laura. He always imitates her when he's being the music teacher.


Natalie Kellett said...

Aww. that is so cute and just sweet!!!

jkstrib said...

I loved to play school when I was little. I also conducted like Jake...maybe he will grow up to be a minister of music one day! I love it!

Summer Laney said...

This is too funny!
I can't wait for Brynn and Addie to start playing together!