Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jake's Room

I know most of you are bored silly with my home improvement posts, but for the handful of you that aren't :), here are some pictures of Jake's room.

I couldn't show too much of the floor because there are still toys everywhere. I either have to finish the job I started of stripping and staining the shelf that was in there OR I have to find another shelf that will hold everything. The stripping is turning out to be a HUGE hassle.

I found those red and blue bins you see under the bed online and they are flexible so they slide under really easily. I have more of them that I plan to put on the shelf to hold all of his toys, along with books and other stuff.

Oh, and we have to pick up the mattress tomorrow night from storage for the top bunk and the chest that matches his bed is on order. It will replace the lovely white one that is missing a leg. :) Gotta love Target furniture...I think 5 years is pretty good for the money you spend!!

Just a few more things I a red curtain....and I can move on to my room!

AND I am to say the least "decorationally challenged" so any and all suggestions for this room are wanted and appreciated. :)


Summer Martin said...

I love it. You did such a great job! Aren't you glad that your rug didn't sale, because it looks great in there too. Did Jake get a new bed too?

Summer Laney said...

The room looks good. I like the wall color. Keep up the good work! I hope the new striper works.