Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh What a Night!

Some may call us crazy...and some may be right. But we had a FABULOUS time and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly yesterday!


came to Greer last night and we were there to start the party. At 2:30 in the afternoon. :) We were officially the first 4 people in line. (Myself, Summer M, Summer L, and Stacy) We have been planning this trip for months, from the time we heard about the event. We found babysitters for the entire day months ago. We were READY!!!

When we arrived (at 2:30) the ladies setting up told us several times that doors do not open until 6. I think we were quite amusing to them. I asked them if we could sit on the steps and wait and they said sure. They told us that there were things around here that we could go do and lots of restaurants just down the road. We assured them that we had already ate and were content sitting outside the church. We met the pastor, we met the coordinator of the event, we met the helpers for the event, we met the church leaders, we met the man with the keys to the church. We met just about everyone. And we were on a first name basis with them all which would come in quite handy later in the evening...

We waited, and waited, and waited and we talked the whole time. We really did enjoy sitting outside in the beautiful weather. We were finally joined much, much later in the afternoon by some eager ticket holders and finally at 6:00 we were let in the doors!!

We ran to our seats, best that were possible to get, and were center stage - first row behind the reserved ones:( We were happy though. We were asked not to take pictures of them while onstage and, being fearful of all the security people, we obliged. :) Therefore, I only have a couple of candid shots of them. They talked about their testimony and their experience and perhaps the thing that stood out most to me was that TLC edits out most everything they do pertaining to religion. They have the option to air what they choose and they choose not to air anything of that sort. Jon & Kate said they were angry about this at first but realized that their show opened up the opportunity for them to go out and speak like this and that was the time that they were able to share their faith in God.

How truly fascinating to see them in person!! I have to say that Kate is really beautiful in person...television and pictures do not do her justice. And Jon is quite funny in that he just sits beside her and smiles continuously and cracks a joke every now and then.

Best part....

1000 people attended last night.
996 people arrived just before the doors opened.
4 people arrived 4 1/2 hours early for the show.




Anyone want to guess who those 4 people were?

(L to R) Rhonda, Jon, Kate, Summer L, Summer M, Stacy

Jon & Kate leaving the stage

Jon & Kate are finishedWaiting in line...right up front!All in all, no regrets. We did what we came to do. And we were pleased. :)


Summer Martin said...

We had a great time. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. It made it all worth it when we ended the night with a picture with Jon and Kate.

Autumn said...

SO COOL!!! I am jealous and thrilled for you all at the same time! How fun!!!

Alison said...

I am glad ya'll got to get your picture made! Summer was SO HAPPY when she called me! :) It was a great night and they have great testimony!

Corrie said...

that's awesome! glad you got to see them. I didn't know they were coming until I had already planned to go out of town.

kelly said...

You girls were so cute that night!! I'm glad yall had such a great time (we did too!). And I'm VERY jealous of your pictures with them!