Monday, April 07, 2008

Ella Kate is 3

Today was Ella Kate's actual birthday. We celebrated with a party at school and shared the party with her friend Jackson whose birthday is tomorrow. They loved the cupcakes but I think they loved the balloons I brought her even more!

We didn't do much else today but she has been in an exceptionally good mood today. She has not been her typical crabby self and has been a real delight to be around today. If you haven't been around her lately, she has taken to throwing GIGANTIC tantrums over any little detail that doesn't suit her. She had me very worried because she started beating her head on things during them and I just didn't think that was normal. Apparently that is not unusual for 3 year olds to do, according to her new doctor. So her being calm and sweet all day has been a real birthday present for her daddy & mommy!

Happy Birthday Ella Belle!!!

Daddy, Mommy, and "your" Jake love you very much!!!

AND....we are your best friends! :)


Summer Laney said...

Happy Birthday Ella!!

I am glad she was in an exceptionally good mood today...maybe this is a sign of a great year to come!

I love the baby pics...we had the same gown Ella Kate is wearing in the first picture. She grows more beautiful with each passing day.

Summer Martin said...

Ella was a cute baby. She has only changed a little. Jake has changed the most. I love the picture of him holding her. Like Summer said maybe the good behavior is a sign of things to come. I guess only time will tell.

Natalie Kellett said...

Happy Birthday Ella!! She is so cute. I love the baby pic of both of the kids!! Now I understand why Ella was not in walmart yesturday!! haha.

jkstrib said...

Happy Birthday, Ella!

Anonymous said...
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