Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Paddy's Day

Has it really been almost an entire month since I last blogged?? I cannot believe it! An entire month of my life left untold!

I have been working this past month on the very first Early Learning Center Consignment Sale at our church, Anderson Mill Road. We were very pleased with our success, especially since it was our first attempt. In January, I decided that since there was so much talk of a sale, but no one was willing to take charge and make it happen, I would ask if I could attempt it. Naive, yes. But fun it was!

I recruited my dear, sweet friend Summer Laney to help me and we started making plans. Time for the sale came and we recruited our other dear friend, Summer Martin, to join us on our crazy adventure.

In the end, we had a great time spending time together and our kids had a ball playing in our gym for days on end!! They literally think they are supposed to hang out at the gym every day now. If they don't, they are very disappointed. Their mommies might be too by next week! We spent pretty much every day for the last week working and for 2 weekends before it as well. Needless to say, we are TIRED! :)

Anyway, look for the next big sale in the fall when we hold our second "bi-annual" sale. Here are some pics of our kids playing in the gym this week...

Jake & Zachary on their favorite tricycle

Ella Kate with her Barbie cart


Andrew possibly doing something he shouldn't be...notice the TOP of the doorframe to the left!

Addison just putting up with it all!

I took a few pics yesterday from St. Paddy's Day. The kids weren't overly cooperative but here they are!

I believe Jake is practicing the "charming" part of his shirt!


Summer Laney said...

oh the fun we had!! i will say I already miss you guys. just think in a few more months we will be doing it again! The pictures are cute of Jake...I am sure he is practicing the "charming" part of his shirt! Now I guess it is my turn to update!!

Summer Laney said...

forget...love the festive background!!

Summer Martin said...

I love your new background. I also had so much fun this weekend. I am glad we have the Egg Hunt on Friday night to keep us busy, because I am going to miss hanging out with you guys. The picture of Jake is funny.