Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Disregard all the extra furniture in her room...the crib has to be disassembled still!

I am so proud of Ella Kate's new bed that I could possibly explode at any minute.

I found this bed at a consignment shop when Jake was a baby. Not very manly, I know. But I absolutely loved it and when Ella was born, I knew I could use it for her one day. Little did I know that I would keep her in her crib until she was 3!!! So I have had the bed waiting patiently in my garage for about 4 years now...much to Michael's dismay. I cannot count the number of times he told me to get rid of it because I would never use it.

Back to the consignment shop...I found this beautiful, old spindle bed for $15!! Yes, $15!! Part of it needed repair which my wonderful Papa did for me (4 years ago!) but otherwise it was perfect. I have been sanding on it for weeks now, thus my pride at finally being finished. I think it turned out just perfect for a sweet little girl!
Ella Kate is thrilled with her new bed. She could not be more excited to finally be a big girl! Oh, and Michael's mom found the precious Pottery Barn bedding at a yard sale...thanks Nana!! :)

By the way...thanks for letting this mom be very proud of her bed! :)


Summer Martin said...

I love her new big girl bed. I am glad you got it done before her birthday. Just go and get some slats for it now.

Rhonda Waddell said...

HA! Michael bought some today. He stole some off of Jake's bed last night because she was dying to sleep in it. I waited all night to hear her crashing to the ground!

jkstrib said...

I love the new bed. I have a double bed just like it in my guest bedroom. I found mine in an antique store in Inman, although I didn't get as good a deal! Have a great weekend!

Summer Laney said...

Oh Rhonda the bed looks great!! I think all your hard work paid off. I know Ella is very excited!