Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Pictures

Here are some pictures of the kids in their new Easter duds! They weren't into having a picture made together so I had to settle for separate ones.

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Our Sunday School class had our very own Easter Egg Hunt this year, thanks to Tracy & Jessica! It was a HUGE success with over 50 kids there! The kids had a great time!! They had 3 different hunts...2 and under, 3-5, and over 5. Ella Kate had a big advantage over the 2 and under hunt since she is just about 3. Jake was right in the middle of the 3-5 group. They both did really well and Ella Kate got plenty of pink eggs!

Michael's Building

Michael has been very busy for the past week working on his new building. He was off work last Friday and his uncle, step-dad, and brother came over to help him get started. The building looks great! They really have done a great job! We'll both be really excited when it is done and we can clean some things out of our van keeps getting crowded out! We are very appreciative for all the help they have given us!

Spring Break

Spring Break has started! What a cold, blah week for spring break. I wish it was warm and sunny like the weekend.
We don't have many big plans this week...Zachary's birthday at Pump It Up tonight, play date at Monkey Joe's on Wednesday, and then my Grandma Baker is coming to stay with us on Thursday until Ella Kate's party on Saturday.
My baby will be 3 one week from today. I do not have a toddler anymore...she will officially be a preschooler. Maybe that means pooping in the potty is not far behind!! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Disregard all the extra furniture in her room...the crib has to be disassembled still!

I am so proud of Ella Kate's new bed that I could possibly explode at any minute.

I found this bed at a consignment shop when Jake was a baby. Not very manly, I know. But I absolutely loved it and when Ella was born, I knew I could use it for her one day. Little did I know that I would keep her in her crib until she was 3!!! So I have had the bed waiting patiently in my garage for about 4 years now...much to Michael's dismay. I cannot count the number of times he told me to get rid of it because I would never use it.

Back to the consignment shop...I found this beautiful, old spindle bed for $15!! Yes, $15!! Part of it needed repair which my wonderful Papa did for me (4 years ago!) but otherwise it was perfect. I have been sanding on it for weeks now, thus my pride at finally being finished. I think it turned out just perfect for a sweet little girl!
Ella Kate is thrilled with her new bed. She could not be more excited to finally be a big girl! Oh, and Michael's mom found the precious Pottery Barn bedding at a yard sale...thanks Nana!! :)

By the way...thanks for letting this mom be very proud of her bed! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jacob Thomas Rambish

Early this Easter morning, our dear friend at church, Amanda Robinson, lost her precious 2 month old baby boy. He has been extremely sick for most of his tiny life and when he passed away, he was in the military hospital in San Antonio, Texas. He was flown there after Spartanburg, Greenville, and Charleston's hospitals could help him no more. He most definitely fought very hard to live but ultimately could not survive the massive infections that plagued his little body.

He is happy and healthy this Easter day as His heavenly Father rocks him gently. Please pray for his mom and dad and his older siblings as they grieve the loss of this sweet baby.

Happy, Happy Easter...Jesus is Risen

...To quote Jake & Ella's choir song from last Sunday. I hope everyone had a great Easter. We sure did!! The Easter bunny was good to the kids, Sunday service was AWESOME!, lunch at Nana's was delicious as usual, and a visit with Granny & Papa Neal ended the day in a perfect way. We really enjoyed our time together today and I'm sad to see it end. I'll post more tomorrow and have some pictures ready. I'm pretty pooped tonight and I think I'll go to bed early. :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Parties at School

The kids both had their Easter parties at school on Wednesday. They had Easter egg hunts too. Jake's was first ....

Ella Kate's was next. She announced right before going out that she would only be hunting PINK eggs. I asked her if she didn't want to pick up all the eggs, and she insisted, no, only pink ones! And she did just that!! :)

Aren't these little ones sweet??

Afterwards were the parties. Unfortunately, my battery died at Jake's party after only 1 picture!

Ella Kate helped herself to 3 pieces of pizza at her party!!
Checking out the eggs...

Dying Eggs

We dyed Easter eggs last night and the kids really enjoyed it this year. We did some the traditional one color, some they colored with a wax crayon so there was a design after we dyed them (dye doesn't stick to wax), and then we got the neatest things....they're q-tips with paint inside so the kids can paint designs on their eggs. These were their favorite! They all turned out really cute!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Paddy's Day

Has it really been almost an entire month since I last blogged?? I cannot believe it! An entire month of my life left untold!

I have been working this past month on the very first Early Learning Center Consignment Sale at our church, Anderson Mill Road. We were very pleased with our success, especially since it was our first attempt. In January, I decided that since there was so much talk of a sale, but no one was willing to take charge and make it happen, I would ask if I could attempt it. Naive, yes. But fun it was!

I recruited my dear, sweet friend Summer Laney to help me and we started making plans. Time for the sale came and we recruited our other dear friend, Summer Martin, to join us on our crazy adventure.

In the end, we had a great time spending time together and our kids had a ball playing in our gym for days on end!! They literally think they are supposed to hang out at the gym every day now. If they don't, they are very disappointed. Their mommies might be too by next week! We spent pretty much every day for the last week working and for 2 weekends before it as well. Needless to say, we are TIRED! :)

Anyway, look for the next big sale in the fall when we hold our second "bi-annual" sale. Here are some pics of our kids playing in the gym this week...

Jake & Zachary on their favorite tricycle

Ella Kate with her Barbie cart


Andrew possibly doing something he shouldn't be...notice the TOP of the doorframe to the left!

Addison just putting up with it all!

I took a few pics yesterday from St. Paddy's Day. The kids weren't overly cooperative but here they are!

I believe Jake is practicing the "charming" part of his shirt!