Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My children the future massage therapists

Michael has, from the time my children were born, gotten great pleasure from having them rub his back, play with his hair, rub his feet,.....the list goes on and on. Funny thing is, THEY LOVE IT!! Jake especially really took to this little game because for years (and even today) it kept him from being put to bed at bedtime. He knew that if he started to rub daddy's head, daddy would magically forget that he announced bedtime an hour ago! And Ella kate eventually took up Jake's habits. I think she does it more because she's a little pleaser and because she's a very natural "nurterer". She just plain enjoys making people happy and loves to "mother" them. Thus, she joins in on the little game.

So tonight while I was at church, Michael was nice enough to take a picture of his little servants during their new game - rub lotion on daddy's feet. Ugh! I think that's a little gross - I don't care for feet very much. But as you can see, they don't seem to mind.

And if you're wondering why I did not take the kidddos to seems everyone has either the flu, the stomach bug, or lice. Out of a class of 12 regulars, we had 2! None of the other classes had more than 4 either. I PRAY we stay well and don't catch any of the nastiness going around but.....well, life happens!


Natalie Kellett said...

Hey can they come over and play with my hair. What do they charge? :) Oh that awful about everyone sick. Bless their hearts.

Jed said...

Rhonda... I had no idea you read my blog... much less had one... Thanks for reading and thanks for helping me have a record setting comment day!!!!

Summer Laney said...

I cant beieve they do that. Think they'll do mine? J/K I am not a feet person grosses me out!

Rhonda Waddell said...

I'm so glad you found mine, Jed! I love reading everone's blog - Michael says I'm a little obsessed. :)
I'm going to have comment day soon....look for it!

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