Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I have been meaning to do a Thursday Thirteen for soooo long and never remember. It just so happens to be Valentines Day but I think I'll do one today anyway...

Thirteen Things I LOVE:
1. A freshly cleaned house all sparkly and smelling good!
2. Getting cards in the mail
3. Or just getting the mail in's the highlight of my day!
4. Target - I think we all love it Natalie!
5. Caro-Mi - in Tryon - it is family style, country food and it is the BEST
6. New socks, nothing better
7. Summer days....throw in the pool, or better yet the beach...
8. My new digital camera - I waited a looooong time for it but it was so worth it!
9. Having a babysitter - this is a rare thing for us so we really appreciate it when it happens!
10. Getting a great haircut - it does wonders for self-esteem
11. Finding a great sale on something I've wanted for a while
12. Italian food - but Michael doesn't care for it so I don't have it often

I'll post Valentine's Day pics later today. Have a great Valentine's Day! :)


jkstrib said...

The Striblings love CaroMi too! Happy Valentine's Day to the Waddells!

Summer Laney said...

Happy Valentine's!!! Brandon thinks I am such dork but I love to check the mail too, don't know why but I do!!

Summer Martin said...

As you know I rarely check my mail. There is always bills in there whick are kind of depressing. Nothing good ever comes in our mailbox.

Elizabeth said...

I have to agree with most of your list. And I love getting mail. When I was in college, my mom made sure to send me at least one piece of mail per week...for the entire time I was in college. Sometimes it was a card, sometimes it was a newspaper clipping, sometimes it was just a note saying, "HI."