Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dirty Days at Home

When we were little, my sister and I would play outside for hours on end it seemed like. And we got SO DIRTY!!! I don't know how my mom could stand the mess except that we entertained ourselves for so long and she didn't have to entertain us - or clean up after us as long as we were outside. I remember covering my body with mud (because it looked like a tan!), making mud casseroles and cakes, mashing up those little reddish-purple berries to make "tea" (and staining whatever they might touch), and so many other things that we did that were just filthy!

Anyway, so lately when the weather is nice, my kids have really gotten into the whole outdoors thing. They love anything to do with dirt. Jake especially! But Ella Kate is not far behind! Today I snapped some pictures of them doing what they love. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Jake sitting waist deep in the sandbox that happened to be full of rainwater - wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes and all. He was happy and already wet when I saw him......

It drives Michael crazy the messes they make but I remember being that age and LOVING every minute of those messes. I mean, are they really hurting anything by just being nasty? I guess I got my love of dirt honest. I remember being about Jake's age and walking down my uncle's long, dirt driveway with my Granny Neal. Instead of scolding us for stepping in the mudpuddles, she ENCOURAGED us to do it and even jumped in them with us!! What fun she was and still is!! :) I know when my kids go to Granny's that they'll be jumping in mudpuddles and getting filthy - and loving every minute of it!

Oh, and YES! my son is playing outside in overalls with no shirt under them. This is actually his third oufit - after the sandbox fiasco and another outfit that he deemed unsuitable for some reason. We are full fledged rednecks when we're at home in the privacy of our backyard. Maybe I should invest in a fence to hide our dirty little secrets. :)


Summer Laney said...

My brother and I loved to play in the dirt when we were kids. I remember washing my mom's friend's car with mud!! We got in so much trouble. I also remember my feet being stained red from all the dirt in the summer...and of course the nice ring it left around the bath tub. What fun we had as kids. I am so glad EK and Jake had fun in the dirt just being kids. They will always remember it. Tell Micheal to let them have fun... they are only little once!!

Summer Martin said...

My kids also love to play outside when it is pretty. I love it because they are not messing up my house, just themselves. Not only are the dirty when they come in, but stinky too! My favorite part is that I can get some stuff done inside while they play outside.