Friday, February 22, 2008

We Have the Bug

The flu bug that is. Ella Kate woke up yesterday morning with a high fever which is really unusual for her - she's never had a fever in the am. She continued all day and I took her to the dr this morning to confirm my suspicions. It was only a matter of time! Thank goodness the very intelligent pediatrician gave us a prescription for Jake to take as well and my very intelligent dr called me in some also. Michael wasn't so fortunate. I prefer to think it's because his dr isn't all that intelligent. He said he'd have to have an office visit for his prescription. For what?!? To say "my daughter has the flu. I have no symptoms yet but charge me for the visit". I think it's called preventative and that would mean no symptoms.

So I guess if he comes down with it this weekend we'll be visiting our local urgent care.

Nana called this afternoon to check on Ella Kate and came by tonight with some goodies for her. She brought her a Dora doll which Ella has affectionately named "my beautiful Dora". I thought you'd enjoy seeing the difference in her...

Before Dora...

After Dora...

Okay, so maybe it's after Dora and a bath and a large dose of Advil. Anyway, she loves her Dora and is currently busy reading her stories. Anything is better than the rest of the day when she insisted (and I lovingly complied) that I sit on the couch and hold her while she watched some really UNentertaining cartoons. But she needed her mommy so I endured, and caught a few zzzz's in the meantime.

In the end....this too shall pass. Let's just hope it passes with Mommy, Daddy, and Jake avoiding the bug.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Artwork

Jake & Ella Kate made some artwork for their daddy and grandparents this morning. They wanted to show it off! :)

Happy Valentines Day!

I have been meaning to do a Thursday Thirteen for soooo long and never remember. It just so happens to be Valentines Day but I think I'll do one today anyway...

Thirteen Things I LOVE:
1. A freshly cleaned house all sparkly and smelling good!
2. Getting cards in the mail
3. Or just getting the mail in's the highlight of my day!
4. Target - I think we all love it Natalie!
5. Caro-Mi - in Tryon - it is family style, country food and it is the BEST
6. New socks, nothing better
7. Summer days....throw in the pool, or better yet the beach...
8. My new digital camera - I waited a looooong time for it but it was so worth it!
9. Having a babysitter - this is a rare thing for us so we really appreciate it when it happens!
10. Getting a great haircut - it does wonders for self-esteem
11. Finding a great sale on something I've wanted for a while
12. Italian food - but Michael doesn't care for it so I don't have it often

I'll post Valentine's Day pics later today. Have a great Valentine's Day! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Know, I Know...

Ella Kate "poses" with her curls

Jake likes to "pose" too

I'm kind of slack on my posting sometimes. I've been so busy lately that it keeps getting pushed to the end of the list. I know none of you have that problem! :)

We haven't been up to much since the last post. We're just been holding our breath hoping none of us catch the sicknesses that have been going around. So far so good!

I'm currently working on sanding and painting a new bed for Ella Kate. Hopefully by the time she's THREE she'll have a real bed (she turns 3 in April)!! Jake was out of the crib at 18 months. Of course, that was because Ella Kate was coming and we had to kick him out pretty early. She's really excited about getting the new bed. I am too but I know that now she can get up anytime she likes and peep over the side of my bed just like her brother! I wake up at all hours to see him staring at me. I'll post pictures of the bed when I'm done.

Today we did a lot of errand running and finished up with haircuts for both the kids. Our friend Summer cut them and did a great job! Both the kids sat very good for her so I'm thinking we'll make this a regular thing. She took some pictures for me on her camera, so I'll post them when I get them from her. She curled Ella Kate's hair all over and it was precious!!! She thought she was a little princess and couldn't wait to get home to show her daddy. She's such a little diva! :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me (& Michael!)

Today is mine & Michael's anniversary. Yes, we made the mistake of picking a wedding date too close to Valentine's Day. We thought since it was a week before, flowers would still be pretty reasonable. WRONG!!! We later found out that they mark roses up 2 weeks before Valentines Day and that we would be paying out the whazoo for them! If I remember correctly, we took our chances on them staying fresh and bought them extra early to try to avoid the high prices. I can't imagine what the people getting married the next Saturday (Feb 14) were paying!!

I found some pictures of us but they weren't on the computer, so quality is a little rough - I took pictures of pictures. And no, we don't have 10 years worth of pictures because we dated all through junior high, high school and college. No, we don't have prom pictures either!! Funny thing is, we both grew up in the same small town and went to the same small high school. BUT, we never met each other. We met at Carowinds standing in line for the Drop Zone! Small world.

This particular picture I think is funny. When I was very little I had a little boyfriend named Mark Waddell. We were hot and heavy!! We planned to get married and our sisters were going to be our children - nevermind that they are both less than 5 years younger than us! We would play for hours deciding on what color our curtains would be and how much we estimated our power bill to be (wonder what our parents talked about?!). Anyway, I colored this picture when I was around 5 declaring myself 'Rhonda Waddell'. Little did I know that I would indeed by Mrs. Waddell!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My children the future massage therapists

Michael has, from the time my children were born, gotten great pleasure from having them rub his back, play with his hair, rub his feet,.....the list goes on and on. Funny thing is, THEY LOVE IT!! Jake especially really took to this little game because for years (and even today) it kept him from being put to bed at bedtime. He knew that if he started to rub daddy's head, daddy would magically forget that he announced bedtime an hour ago! And Ella kate eventually took up Jake's habits. I think she does it more because she's a little pleaser and because she's a very natural "nurterer". She just plain enjoys making people happy and loves to "mother" them. Thus, she joins in on the little game.

So tonight while I was at church, Michael was nice enough to take a picture of his little servants during their new game - rub lotion on daddy's feet. Ugh! I think that's a little gross - I don't care for feet very much. But as you can see, they don't seem to mind.

And if you're wondering why I did not take the kidddos to seems everyone has either the flu, the stomach bug, or lice. Out of a class of 12 regulars, we had 2! None of the other classes had more than 4 either. I PRAY we stay well and don't catch any of the nastiness going around but.....well, life happens!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dirty Days at Home

When we were little, my sister and I would play outside for hours on end it seemed like. And we got SO DIRTY!!! I don't know how my mom could stand the mess except that we entertained ourselves for so long and she didn't have to entertain us - or clean up after us as long as we were outside. I remember covering my body with mud (because it looked like a tan!), making mud casseroles and cakes, mashing up those little reddish-purple berries to make "tea" (and staining whatever they might touch), and so many other things that we did that were just filthy!

Anyway, so lately when the weather is nice, my kids have really gotten into the whole outdoors thing. They love anything to do with dirt. Jake especially! But Ella Kate is not far behind! Today I snapped some pictures of them doing what they love. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Jake sitting waist deep in the sandbox that happened to be full of rainwater - wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes and all. He was happy and already wet when I saw him......

It drives Michael crazy the messes they make but I remember being that age and LOVING every minute of those messes. I mean, are they really hurting anything by just being nasty? I guess I got my love of dirt honest. I remember being about Jake's age and walking down my uncle's long, dirt driveway with my Granny Neal. Instead of scolding us for stepping in the mudpuddles, she ENCOURAGED us to do it and even jumped in them with us!! What fun she was and still is!! :) I know when my kids go to Granny's that they'll be jumping in mudpuddles and getting filthy - and loving every minute of it!

Oh, and YES! my son is playing outside in overalls with no shirt under them. This is actually his third oufit - after the sandbox fiasco and another outfit that he deemed unsuitable for some reason. We are full fledged rednecks when we're at home in the privacy of our backyard. Maybe I should invest in a fence to hide our dirty little secrets. :)

Superbowl Party at the Chandlers

Ella Kate acting like a big girl with the computer

Jake & Chloe eating their goodies!

Ella Kate & Brynn chowing down!
All the kiddos having their feast

Our Sunday School class had our superbowl party at our friends' house, the Chandlers. We had a great time!! Brad made bbq, chili AND hotwings and they were all excellent. His wife, Nora, made the best meatballs I have ever tasted...I ate about 20 I think. :) Michael went over early and helped Brad cook and he really enjoyed hanging out with him for a while.
I have to say that I didn't get to see a single commercial. A little disappointing, but I was having a better time yakking with the girls!
We did discover at one point that as we were socializing, Jake and a few of his little buddies were in the back bedroom climbing out the windows onto the porch! He is getting to be such a stinker!