Friday, January 04, 2008

Looking Back at 2007

It's that time of year when we all look back at the year behind us and think about what has transpired. And we all take a look at the new year and what we want to see happen in it. I wish I had my digital camera all year so I could do the year in pictures but, unfortunately, I just got it in November. Maybe next year...

2007 with the Waddells

Things have been pretty quiet with the Waddells this year and that is a very good thing! The kids have both been healthy as well as Michael and I. Last year in January I was working with a bookkeeping company and was fortunate enough to be able to quit and stay home in late January. The kids were staying at Ms. Vicky's (a lady down the road who was a godsend!) and I continued cleaning houses one day a week to earn some extra money.
Jake started playing t-ball in March for the very first time. He was 3 years old and really liked it. He had a great coach who Michael went to high school with and he played with lots of other kids in Woodruff whose parents we went to school with as well.

Ella Kate turned 2 in April and we celebrated with an Easter Egg Hunt since her birthday fell on the day before Easter. We invited mostly family and a couple of little friends from Ms. Vicky's.

This was the way Ella Kate smiled for every picture for several months. I think she thought it was cute!! And it was when you're 2! :)

In July Jake turned 4 and we had his first birthday party away from home - it was at Kids Planet playground in Greer. We had lots of fun even though the kids would rather just run wild on the playground than be at a party! I can't blame them - it's an awesome playground!! He got to invite some friends this year, mostly from church.

Jake & Daddy on his 4th birthday

Jake & Mommy on his 4th birthday

Also in July, Michael's dad turned 60! We had a party at his church for all his family and friends. Sorry, I don't have a picture of it!!

In August the kids started preschool for the very first time. They both attend Anderson Mill Road Early Learning Center (this is at our church). They LOVE it and I was very, very nervous to send them so that was a huge relief! They have loved it from day one. Jake's teacher's name is Ms. Sophie and she is precious! Ella Kate's teacher's name is Ms. Summer and we could not love her more! I am so thankful for this school experience.

First Day of School!

We waited until September this year to have our beach trip - we didn't realize it was so cheap then!! And so un-crowded!! It was lots of fun and the kids both really enjoyed the beach. We went to Ocean Lakes like we usually do and Michael's mom and step-dad and brother all came down at the same time to camp. It was fun to have them all there with us.

Ella Kate loved the sand - especially burying herself

Jake hanging out on the beach

My baby brother turned 16 in September. I cannot believe he is so old. And I am so proud of him! He was also my first blog on his birthday.

In September we also made our yearly trek to either Clemson or Florida to see the Clemson vs. FSU game. My family are all huge Clemson fans while Michael is a huge FSU fan. I prefer Carolina myself. :)
We started last year going to this game with my family and it's been lots of fun. This year was at Clemson and we were able to take Jake with us. It was VERY hot that day!! And we were very close to the sun!! It was a good game although Jake didn't like it as much as we had hoped!

KK, Mimi, Bobby, & Pop

In November, we went to Gatlinburg with our Sunday School class for our yearly trip. It was so much fun!! We look forward to this weekend every year!!

And who could forget probably the highlight of our year???
The Waddells go to New York City!!
Pop and Mimi gave us the trip as a gift to take with them. It was INCREDIBLE. All I can say is that NYC is an experience of a lifetime. I can't wait until I have the chance to go back! Jake will probably always remember bits and pieces of it but I'm sad that Ella Kate probably won't. We'll just have to take her back! :)

Times Square on our last night there, a very, very cold last night!

December was crazy busy!! We were able to spend time with all of our family and had a great Christmas!!

All in all the year was great because it was full of good things and not so many bad. We have enjoyed this year but look forward to the things that 2008 will bring.....

Rhonda will turn 30!!! Shhh!
Jake will turn 5!
Jake will add soccer to his list of sports that he tries.
Ella Kate will start dance.
Stay tuned for what Michael will do... :)


Summer said...

You guys had a good year! We will have to do something special for that birthday of yours. I am so glad we became friends this year.

Summer Martin said...

I feel special that I made a post. I love the looking back at the year idea. I saw it on Summer's blog too. You will be proud that I finally updated my blog, but I am still behind.

Natalie Kellett said...

Rhonda I had no idea that you would be turning 30.. You look much younger I must say!!!!I'm so glad you had such a great year. We will def have to go on the Gatlinburg tripp next year!!! Have a great week and I'll see ya sunday..