Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Groundbreaking Moment

Waddells, Martins, & Laneys sporting our Groundbreaking Moment tees!

This morning our church broke ground on a new's been a long time in the works. We desperately need more space and this was a very exciting day for our church family. We also are celebrating our church's 20th anniversary which makes this time twice as special. We had a special service to honor the anniversary and the groundbreaking was afterwards (or before depending on which service you attended).

We had a unique groundbreaking where every church member is able to take part. We had a plow with 8 ropes attached. Every person there grabbed their rope and pulled at the command and we all "broke ground". What a great way to emphasize that every person there is important! Even the smallest children came out for this.

In the anniversary service, Jake and Ella Kate sang in the large choir that we had, so I have included some pictures of our preschool choir. The preschool, elementary, youth, and adult choirs all sang together which is always a treat!

We went for lunch afterwards with some friends of ours from church and we all looked so cute in our matching shirts that I had to take some pictures - outside Jason's Deli no less!! The kids were all given construction hats that the groundbreaking so the kids are all wearing those.

It was a great day and we are excited to watch this new building go up. Jake and Ella Kate are really excited even though I think they are a little unsure of how this new building is going to get there. They expected to go this morning and see the new building waiting for us. They were disappointed to pull up and not find it!

Check out this link for more pictures of groundbreaking. They were taken by a professional photographer that is in our class, Jason Williamson. Also, I've added some of Jason's photos to my slideshow (and give him all the credit!).


Natalie Kellett said...

You guys did a great job with the choir. I could hear you singing allt he way out from where I was sitting..haha. jk. I love the pic of all you guys. Very cute!

Summer Martin said...

I love the picture of all of us at Jason's Deli. Zachary also thought that the new church would be there today when we went to school. It's so funny how children have no concept of time. I think they will understand more when they are actually working on a building.