Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can I Give a Shout Out?

Hmmm....was that from the 80s or 90s? I'm not sure what the kids say these days but I wanted to say a great big HELLO to Julie, our music minister. I know that lots of people read my blog and I am just unaware of it. That's great! I love that people read about our lives. And it makes me so excited to hear someone comment that they are reading, even though I never knew it. So I just wanted to say Thanks! if you are a reader and I hope you enjoy our blog! Leave me a comment sometime - I'd love to know you've stopped by!


jkstrib said...

As you can see, I am behind in my blog reading, but I do read!!! It was great to see you Saturday at Zaxby's!

Rhonda Waddell said...

I'm just so glad that you do read! :) We enjoyed the singing Sunday (we like him!) but it was so good to hear your sweet voice at the end. Almost from nowhere since we couldn't see you....we'll miss hearing it all the time!